Hope Diamonds January Reminders


Hi Hope Diamonds,

I wanted to make sure you were aware of the new consistency bonus. The deal is you earn $100 in free product each calendar quarter when you sell $500 retail (325 pcv) for 3 consecutive months. If you hit the $500 in mark in January, February, and March you will be awarded the $100 product credit. It is per quarter, so if you miss in January then you are not eligible to earn it until the April, May, and June quarter. Make sense? Earn each quarter and that's a total of $400 in product credits for the year!

What can you do now to ensure you hit that $500 retail mark?

1. There's plenty of time to book a January show - your hostess will love the extra $50 in product! Send a cute Valentines invite you've made for another show and say,

"cute invite's for Valentines with Girlfriends, If you can gather friends on the 30th or 31st we can squeeze into January's promotion...extra $50 for hosting"

2. Reach out for outside orders - guide the men along - they need your help shopping for Valentine's Day!

3. Host your own New Line Launch show if you haven't already and YOU take advantage of that extra $50 in product credit for January hostesses! TALK to your sponsor or up line star about ways to do this!

4. Set up an online show for your out of town friends/family and tell them before they go shopping for Valentines, not to forget your boutiques is open anytime and you are happy to help them with Valentines. People like to support family and friends. :)

5. Reach out to those that have purchased a piece from a previous collection that might like something from the new line - those that purchased the Medina will love the Medina chandeliers (send them the link)! Maybe they love our enamel pieces...show them the new bangles!

ALSO, The January Sponsoring Special ends next week (January 31 at midnight) and historically doesn't come back around until summer!

Benefits to Sponsoring in January:

1. Your new Stylist is going to get an extra $100 in Product Credit to build her display!

2. You'll be sponsoring more new Stylists, growing your team, and getting you closer to promoting to Sr. Stylist or Star! Promote to Sr. Stylist or above, and you'll be earning yourself ANOTHER 3,000 points toward Glam Getaway!
3. Earning 3,000 Points toward the Glam Getaway Incentives for each qualified new Stylist!

4. Amazing commissions -- double or triple your income!

5. You will be having so much more fun building your team and sharing S&D with others!


Have a great last week of January,


Jennifer Sieracki