Art Therapist

By: Meredith Blattner and Abby Nordstrom

Job Description

An Art Therapist is a Child Psychologist for very young children or for people who can't or don't want to express what's wrong/how they feel with words so they paint and draw images to express their emotions and situations.


Mostly depends on patients but generally between 9am and 5pm Monday through Friday although some jobs may involve weekend sessions.

Personality Requirements

Personality must be calming, nurturing, wise, and able to deal with many different types of people with varying ages, genders, etc. You must also be patient and be able to talk people through their problems and be able to express how they feel.

Education Requirements

Complete a postgraduate qualification approved by the BAAT and you must pass many assorted Child Development and specifically Art Therapist monitored exams.


Full time Art Therapists start at around $39,000 a year and with experience it can rise to about £49,000 a year.
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