Weekly Fifth Grade News You Need to Know

Welcome to Fifth Grade!

This is where we share upcoming events, important information, and highlight what students are learning. Please read these each week to ensure you are in the know.

Fifth Grade Schedule

Rotation of Classes

Every trimester each fifth grader will rotate through each classroom for different subject areas. Each student will rotate through health, social studies and writing one time and science two times throughout the trimester. These rotations will last for two weeks per subject area (science is allocated 4 weeks total). Students will end the trimester within their homeroom for additional content i.e. art, etc. Please note that these subjects are also integrated in other parts of the day as well (i.e. Students write during reading class).

Mrs. Seeman's science class: Variables -Mrs. Friedman's class will be experimenting with swingers (pendulums) next week.

Mrs. Friedmann's science class: Variables - Experimenting with variables that affect both the capacity of boats and the flight of model planes.

Mrs. Cullinan's health class: Chapter 1 Dealing with Feelings, Test this coming Friday September 23rd

Mrs. Cvek's writing class: sentence and paragraph writing with topic sentences, detail sentences, conclusion sentences

Mrs. Thompson's social studies class: Students will be researching and presenting information about American Indians of the Pacific Northwest, Southwest, Western Great Plains, Northeastern Woodlands, and the Southeastern Woodlands and how they used resources to live.


Mrs. Seeman's Math Groups: Ask your child about the Stock Market Game. Are you an investor in the stock market? Please check your student's assignment notebook regularly. If students use their time wisely in class they will have time to get started on their homework.Testing for Unit 1 has begun. We will finish up the unit and the testing this week.

Mrs. Cullinan & Mrs. Friedmann's Math Groups: Students will be starting Unit 1, Multiplication and Division Word Problems. Please check your student's assignment notebook regularly. All students will be writing down "I Can" Statements and homework daily. If students use their time wisely in class they will have time to get started on their homework. Resources: http://www.mathsisfun.com/ http://www.khanacademy.com


Happy reading! "Fifth Grade Forty"--by the end of the year, each 5th grader should read and respond to 40 books from different genre. Students can stay on track by reading one book/week--by now, students should have read 3 books. In class, we're learning how to craft responses to our books, including "sticky note shares," book reports, book projects, and/or book letters. We are also studying elements of fiction (characters, setting, plot) and nonfiction text features (table of contents, glossary, captions, etc.).