March Madness

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Speaking and Listening: Sharing Our Research about the Secret Life of Pollinators

Performance Task Poster and Oral Presentation: The Secret World of Plants and Pollinators (SOL 2.1, 2.10, 2.11, 2.12 )

In this two-part performance task, students create a poster with scientific drawings and captions, and then deliver an oral presentation during the Celebration of Learning. In Part 1, students use their research and informational writing from Unit 2 to create scientific drawings depicting the pollination process of a particular insect, as well as a reflection paragraph on how they used critique and revision to make their scientific drawings better. In Part 2, students deliver a presentation, orally describing how their specific pollinator aids in the pollination process of a specific plant and explaining the process using their poster. Students also include a reflection about the role critique and revision played in their final product and answer questions following their presentation from an audience of family members, peers, teachers, and related school community members.


Students will finish up working with coins and money, and will move onto measurement. Students will create an inch ruler and compare inches to other measurement units; they will also develop estimation strategies in relation to length and weight. We will be working on solving word problems involving measurement and estimation as well. After measurement, we will begin to move into comparing shapes!


Student will continue to learn about animal habitats and how habitats support animal growth and survival. Students will then learn about animal and plant life cycles, and how these cycles also help animals and plants grow, survive, and thrive.

Social Studies:

Students will understand that the people of the United States of America make contributions to their communities; vote in elections; are united as Americans by common principles; and have the individual rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as well as equality under the law

Students will understand the symbols and traditional practices that honor and foster patriotism in the United States of America by: explaining the meaning behind symbols such as the American flag, bald eagle, Washington Monument, and Statue of Liberty; and learning the words and meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance.

Upcoming Events:

March 22: Math Assessment

March 22: March Madness Chimborazo Basketball game

April 13-7: Spring Break No School

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