Jackson,what the heck are you Doing

Travis Roughton period 5

spoil system

Andrew Jackson said to the people that "If you donate money so can become president, i will give you a job". Alot of people did it and he got elected. His next term people thought they would get jobs if the helped jackson. So they all voted for him and he got elected again.

Trail of Tears

Jackson really liked Georgia's land but there was cherokees there so they kicked them out. Then supreme court said its unconstitutional you can't do it.jackson said no I'm not listening to you I'm gonna do it anyways. so jackson kicked them out and they moved to Georgia.
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Nullification crisis

South Carolina was mad at the tariff of 1832. So they said they would leave the U.S. if they don't get rid of the tax. So Jackson says "Fine if you leave ill bring the army on you." So South Carolina gave up and the made a compromise and the just lowered the tax>
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Political Cartoon

If Jackson doesn't like whats going on like whats going on he just kills them. he is being sacastic when he says that anyone els want to care to talk politics because he doesn't really follow the rules he does what ever he wants. Hs holding a gun because he just shot someone in supreme court because he doesn't care about their rules. Jackson has a big head because he is full of himself.
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Jackson just went around killing Indians because he wanted their land. Even though supreme court said not to its unconstitutional. i wouldn't want a president that could do anything he wants just cause he wanted to.

Factory worker

I would love to be a factory worker right at that point because there is a lot of land to build factories. because jackson kicked off all the cherokees off their land there is a lot of land for building. i would get so much money if i was working in a factory then