Ashanti Harris

About Me




Educational Goal.

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Financial Goal.

  • S- Need to finish High school and go to collage.
  • M- I want to finish High school so that I can go to collage and become an RNP.
  • A- Need to stay on time of my grades and make sure that I keep a good enough GPA.
  • R- If I work hard towards this goal then I'll be able to finish high school.
  • T- the goal will be meet in 2016 well see what happens.
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Finical Goal S.M.A.R.T

  • S- Become a RNP so that I can make a good living for myself.
  • M- By me becoming an RNP I will be getting paid good enough to support the life i want to live.
  • A- I plan on buying a house having a car with this job its possible.
  • R- If I work hard enough then I could get the things I want.
  • T- getting my job.