Pre-K Teaching Times

3rd Edition February/ March 2017


Time is moving rather quickly and you have reached the halfway mark of your Pre-K year. Kudos to you for providing quality instruction to your students each and every day!! As we move into our upcoming theme, "Earth and Sky", please continue to SCREAM THE THEME in your classroom. Remember that students spend a large portion of their waking hours in your classrooms.Therefore, it is important that your room is visually appealing and stimulating. Creating that type of environment will keep our students excited and motivated as they learn throughout the day. Let's keep the great work up and SCREAM THE THEME "Earth and Sky"! Below are a few fun ideas to implement during this theme. Your prop boxes have awesome theme related items to help you enhance the learning opportunities for your students.


Imagine walking into a classroom and seeing all students immersed in literacy experiences. Children are engaged in a variety of reading and writing activities while some students are working in groups and others working individually. Students explore books of various genres not just in the library or during reading times, but also in science, math, and social studies. During math, the teacher reads aloud a book on math and discusses the content in order to expose students to literacy across all content areas. During science, students explore the science literature such as eyewitness books to gain greater knowledge about concepts. Students interact with books using technology and listen to books via technology or online. Materials in the classroom are adapted not only to help students with challenges interact with text, but also to serve as a motivator for reading. Students write books and reports in all of the content areas, as well as writing in student journals and notebooks. When needing a resource for more information, students use books, computers, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and word walls, as well as teachers and peers for assistance.

Social and Emotional Learning Throughout Your Day


We want our children to leave pre-k as ready as possible for kindergarten, not just academically ready but socially ready as well. In order to ensure that the "whole" child is prepared we must build, guide and model how to be socially and emotionally sound by using the Second Step program with fidelity. Many of you are doing a great job with including Second Step in your plans while others are not. Please be sure to include this component in your weekly plans and ensure that it is implemented daily. Also, inside your teacher's guide there is a family connection section. Inside of this section you will find resources for parents to utilize at home. Please send these helpful resources home to parents so that they will be empowered and educated! Below is the home link that parents can access that includes simple fun activities that they can do with their child. Encourage parents to take advantage of these great activities to build the school and home connection.

The activation code for parents is: SSPE FAMI LY68.


Celebrate Black History Month with your students this February and learn about the accomplishments of famous and less famous but important African-Americans. Below are a few links that demonstrate ways to incorporate black history activities throughout the day.

In addition, a great movie to reference is "Hidden Figures". This movie is about the untold story of Katherine G. Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson. These brilliant African- American women worked for NASA and help to launch the first American astronaut into space, John Glenn.

Katherine G. Johnson

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  • February 17 Professional Learning Day
  • February 22 Head Start Training (Leads)
  • February 23 Head Start Training (Assistants)
  • February 24 "End Earth and Sky"
  • February 27 Launch Theme, "Shadows and Reflections
  • March 17 Professional Learning Day
  • March 31 End Theme "Shadows and Reflections"