Villa Park Volleyball

You can't beat someone who never gives up!

its not always easy!

I started playing volleyball my freshmen year of high school, that was my first mistake. at villa park we play extremely competitive placing number one in our league and in top 30 in the united states out of all high schools, so playing here is not easy it takes a lot of hard work and is very time consuming! but when you love it as much as i do hard work and effort is not an issue.


Club volleyball about 4,000 a season... not an easy number to swallow for a mom of 6, my mom was not going to be able to allow me to play simply because there was no way she could afford the cost of just one season alone. My heart was broken I knew i couldn't take no for an answer so i began calling and calling all different shops and companies in hopes of finding a sponsor for my season. everyone kept telling me its not going to happen emma its just to expensive. But i did not give up i called t-street volleyball club and told them how much the sport meant to me and how hard i was willing to work to get where i wanted.

my current goal....

18-1's t-street volleyball number one players In the nation. This team is nearly impossible to make but i am not taking no for an answer doing one personal every weekend practicing 7 days a week i will not give up until i have made this team. I have started by running 5-10 miles a day, eating completely clean gluten free diet and working myself harder then anyone else can humanly possible!