Alexander Graham Bell

By: Madi Polk

Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell was born in Scotland and then later moved to the United States. In the US he studied ways of teaching hearing-impaired people to speak. During that time he experimented with sending voices through electrical wires. So in 1876 he invented the telephone.

The Telephone

Bell invented the telephone because he studied and experimented with voice through electrical wires. When Bell invented the telephone in 1876, he was going to test it when he spilled some battery acid on his clothes. He called for his assistant Mr. Watson in another room. Mr. Watson heard Bell through the telephone. So the invention of the telephone was a success.

Significance of the Telephone

Bell invented the telephone so people could talk to each other far away without being in the same room and actually hearing their voice. By the 1890's he sold hundreds of thousands of phones. Before telephones were only in businesses but later people started getting them for their homes.