Tech screener

Come work @ Israel Tech Challenge

We are looking for talented individuals with a strong background in computer science to help with screening for our programs.

Who we are

  • Israel Tech Challenge brings talented people from all over the world and help them grow professionally in the field of technology, while strengthening their bond to Israel.
  • We know the demand in our market exceeds the supply, hence we need more excellent people here
  • Our partners and clients are big and small tech companies. From PayPal, Wix, Intel & Check Point to startups like Cybereason, BillGuard, Hiredscore, Genome Compiler and more.
  • ITC is a national project, funded by leading organizations like The National Cyber Bureau in the Prime Minister's Office, Startup Nation Central, The Jewish Agency for Israel, corporate and private investors, in Israel and abroad.

What will you be doing

  • Read candidate applications comprised of professional and personal questions
  • Check and evaluate coding challenges via email
  • Conduct on-line technical interviews (focused on software development) with people form all over the world
  • Assess the chance of a candidate to succeed in our programs, including training, placement or both
  • Write summaries of interviews and make screening decisions

You are:

  • Experienced in multiple fields of technology
  • Comfortable with assessing people. Experience in interviews is a plus
  • 100% fluent in English, in both verbal and written forms
  • Available during evening times
  • Preferable: BS Computer Science or related fields