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December 13, 2019

Our Flight Pattern

Welcome to the E.H. Greene Intermediate School Newsletter! We will share important information and highlight the great things our students and teachers are doing at our school. You can expect this in your inbox each week on Friday afternoon.

Attendance Line: (513) 686-1756


December 16 - Band Concert 7:00 - Cafeteria

December 17 - Continental Math League Contest

December 19 - End of Second Quarter

December 20 - January 5, 2020 - Winter Break

Letter Days this Week:

Monday, December 16 - B Day

Tuesday, December 17 - C Day

Wednesday, December 18 - D Day

Thursday, December 19 - A Day

Please note: NO Media Club on Monday, December 16th and NO Yu Gi Oh Club on Thursday, December 19th.

Author Visit

In preparation for author Shelley Pearsall's visit in February, the Greene School cafeteria will host a FUN event:

On Friday January 10, Elvis will be IN THE BUILDING. A professional Elvis Presley impersonator (from Pearsall's book All Shook Up) will be performing live on the cafeteria stage during the

students' lunch times. We'd love to have the parents and staff stop by or eat lunch in the cafeteria. We know you will enjoy the show! Maybe even get your picture taken with Elvis!

***Also, there will be prizes awarded for the best costume. Will you be an Elvis look-alike, or will you dress like you live in the 1950's rock-and-roll era? If so, you could win a prize!

There will be gift cards awarded to 3 lucky students who have read the Pearsall book being celebrated.

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Lost and Found

Do any of these items look familiar? Please have your child check the lost and found (next to the cafeteria) for their belongings. Any items not claimed by the end of the school day on Thursday, December 19 will be donated.

We are also adding a new section in the Greene Notes each week around lost and found. Two students have been working on a project to help reunite lost items with students. These students, Ella and Avary, have created a slide show of 20 feature items from the lost and found. They will update it each week and we will share it here. To view the slideshow, CLICK HERE.

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Music Changes for Second Semester

If your child would like to change his/her music class for second semester, please send an email to your child’s counselor requesting the music class to drop and the music class to add in its place.

Last names A-K; Mrs. Asher;

Last names L-Z; Mrs. Bachmann

Music classes include: Choir, General Music, Band (instrument class) and Orchestra (instrument class). While instrument classes may be dropped, they cannot be added at the semester.

Requests must be made by Wednesday, January 8th. After that date, students must remain in their chosen music class until the end of the school year.

From Lifetouch Picture Studios

As you know, there have been some issues with school pictures this year and Lifetouch realizes that they have not met our expectations. We continue to work with Lifetouch to make sure everyone receives their picture packets.

Lifetouch appreciates your patience and is offering our families a special promotion with Shutterfly that is outlined below.

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Class Basket Raffles

The Greene School Carnival Team has started putting together some amazing gift baskets to raffle off at Greene Fest 2020, but we need your help!

Check out the Basket Raffle themes for this year and keep your eyes open for some of those incredible holiday deals! More info is in the attached flyer.

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Know! The Red Flags of Teen Depression

It’s December; tis the season to be jolly. That’s easier said than done for many people, adults and teens alike. All the hustle and bustle can worsen the symptoms of those who already suffer from anxiety and depression into. And for others, the holidays can create the perfect storm for the onset of symptoms.

Holiday parties, family gatherings, the overabundance of social media pics and posts, the loss of a loved one, divorce or other family separation, financial concerns, less sleep, indulging in unhealthy foods and drinks, are all contributing factors to people of all ages feeling overwhelmed, anxious and many times, depressed this time of the year.

For some teens, feeling depressed can cause them to withdraw and avoid social interactions, which oftentimes leads to further sadness and loneliness – a downward spiral that can easily spin out of control. These feelings, which may be more easily managed during other times of the year, may be intensified in the midst of the holiday season.

As parents and other caregivers of young people, it is vital to be aware of the many signs and symptoms of teen depression (according to HelpGuide: Parent’s Guide to Teen Depression):

  • Irritability, anger, or hostility
  • Sadness or hopelessness
  • Tearfulness or frequent crying
  • Withdrawal from friends and family
  • Loss of interest in activities
  • Poor school performance
  • Changes in eating and sleeping habits
  • Restlessness and agitation
  • Feelings of worthlessness and guilt
  • Lack of enthusiasm and motivation
  • Fatigue or lack of energy
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Unexplained aches and pains
  • Thoughts of death or suicide

When considering the red flags for depression, it is important to know that they may look very different in young people versus adults.

Irritability, anger, or hostility: The predominant mood in a depressed teen is oftentimes irritability, as opposed to sadness. It is common for a depressed youth to be grumpy, hostile, easily frustrated, or prone to angry outbursts.

Unexplained aches and pains: When a physical exam turns up zero answers to your child’s chronic headaches, stomachaches and such, the cause may be due to depression.

Extreme sensitivity to criticism: It is common for young people who are depressed to experience feelings of worthlessness, which makes them even more vulnerable to criticism, rejection, and failure than their teenage peers.

Withdrawing from some, but not all people: Depressed teens typically maintain at least some friendships, while depressed adults tend to isolate themselves. Depressed youth, however, are known to socialize less, pull away from their parents, and start hanging out with a new crowd.

You are now aware of the many potential triggers of teen depression this time of the year. You are also aware of the signs and symptoms to look out for when it comes to youth who are depressed. Now it’s time to start up a conversation with your child, as communication is key.

How you communicate is as important as what you communicate. When talking with your child, focus on listening, not lecturing. Be gentle but persistent, knowing that it can be extremely difficult for a teen to express having feelings of sadness and depression. Acknowledge their feelings, even if it seems silly or irrational to you. In the end, trust your gut. If your child won’t open up to you, but you know there is something more going on, consider reaching out to a school counselor, teacher, or mental health professional. The essential piece is to get them talking.

Whether you question if there is a potential issue of depression or not, talking regularly with your son or daughter on topics such as this will help to build and foster a strong relationship between the two of you.

In the tip to follow, we will share information on how to help depressed teens navigate through the holiday season and beyond.


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The Sycamore High School Dance Team is hosting their annual dance clinic for grades K-8 on

MLK Day, Monday, January 20th, at Sycamore High School.

There will be 2 sessions:

  • Grades K- 4th: 9 am- 11 am

  • Grades 5th- 8th: 1pm - 3pm

All dancers will perform with the team during the halftime of the Boy’s Varsity Basketball Game on

Tuesday, January 28th.

The cost for the clinic is $30 and includes:

  • One shirt for your dancer

  • Video of routine and music

  • One ticket to the basketball game

For registration, go to

Questions, email Coach Penilla at

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Activity Brochure

Is your child looking to get involved in after school activities? Check out our Activities Brochure. We will announce to students before clubs start and how to sign up. This post will stay at the bottom of our newsletters if you are looking for it later.

Greene School Activity Brochure 2019-20