15th Amendment

voting rights for former slaves (1870)

February 26,1869

The 15th amendment protects the rights of American men to vote in elections to elect their leaders.Any American cannot be denied the right to vote, based on race, color or being a former slave.

Reasons for the 15th Amendment

In 1867, Congress passed a law requiring the former Confederate states to include black male suffrage in their new state constitutions. Ironically, even though African American men began voting in the South after 1867, the majority of Northern states continued to deny them this basic right

Oppositions to the 15th Amendment

The 15th Amendment overturned the preexisting statute prohibiting African-American citizens of the United States from suffrage; furthermore, any previous station of servitude or slavery undertaken by any individual was immaterial with regard to the right to vote.

Why is the 15th Amendment relevant today

The right to vote is a fundamental right and denying the right to vote by judging on race,color,ethnicity is wrong.
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