Midiros Newsletter

Room 701

Book Order- Last one of the year

I have opened an order on scholastic.com for anyone who would like to purchase books. As I'm sure you're aware, this is the best place to purchase them since the pricing is very reasonable. If you would like any books for your child to read over the summer or to add to their collection, please order them by April 10th. This will be the last book order for the year. You can log in to www.scholastic.com and our class code to enter is: GM6WH.

You can then enter your order and pay. Thank you for supporting our school.

Online Math Book

If the math book is left at school and your child needs access to it, never fear! Just access the link above and have your child login using the same information used to login for tests. This information is written in your child's agenda. Once you are logged on to the website, click on the "Explore" tab to find the book. DO NOT click the textbook link directly as it does not seem to work. You will have to go through the Explore tab.

Middle School Information

Our visit to the school today was a hit and I'm happy to report that all the kids in my room have declared to me how excited and ready they are to go to that school! It's such a fun trip to go on and see the excitement in their expressions. There are a couple of things I need to tell you. First off, your child will be coming home tonight with a Course Selection Form. Monticello Trails form is blue while Mill Creek's form is salmon colored. Both schools need to have your child return them to me completed with their choices and your signature. However, the due dates are NOT the same. If your child is heading to Monticello Trails, the completed forms need be turned in to me by next Friday, April 10th. Mill Creek forms need to be completed, signed and turned in to me by April 23. A couple facts about the courses have changed a bit, so here it goes. The class being offered titled, "World Languages" will entail learning a bit about Latin, Spanish, French and now it will include sign language. FACS is the class where they sew, cook, learn manners etc. For Monticello Trails only: Technology and Engineering are now a combined class. Those used to be separate classes, however they are combined into the one course now. If your child would like Museum Connections, it should be marked on their form as their first choice. (line 1) It is a popular class and even though it's the top choice, not everybody gets into that class in sixth grade. Good news is that it's also available in seventh and eighth grades as well. Band or Choir are mandatory for both middle schools in sixth grade. Therefore, mark the appropriate selection according to which one your child would like to take. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


I would like to personally thank you for your generosity with supplying items for projects here at school. Believe me, I understand how this time of year feels as though you get "nickel and dime'd" to death. However, without your support we would not be able to have the meaningful learning opportunities for the class. With only $50 a year to spend on our class, not to mention 26 students, that is less than $2 per student. It doesn't go that far and we aren't able to purchase very much for the students. Therefore, I want you all to know how truly thankful I am for all of your donations. Thank you!!


The science fair is quickly approaching and hopefully your child is on track to bring it to school by April 22. That is 16 days from today! Wow, time flies by. Each student was given a timeline that was to help keep them on track. They will be displayed during family night at the Book Fair and come home after that. We can't wait to see what the kids have been working on at home. If you have any questions, please let me know or contact Mrs. Heronema at jheronema@usd232.org.

Due Dates:

Friday, April 10th is the due date to turn in a yearbook order form. It is also the day for MTMS students to turn in their enrollment form to me.

State Assessments

This Friday, April 10th we will begin our final state assessment. We will have the math performance assessment piece on Friday and then on Monday and Tuesday we will finish the math portion just as they have done in the past. Students can bring snacks to eat during them as long as they can sit the snack on a napkin during the test so there are not noisy bags being opened throughout the test distracting others.