The Diary of Anne Frank

By: Vivianna Martinez

Anne Frank

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Biography of Anne Frank

Anne Frank was a wild spontaneous girl who wanted to be a writer when she grew up. She was born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany. Anne and her family lived in Amsterdam during World War II. When Jews were being attacked Anne and her family went into hiding at her father, Otto Frank’s, office. They were hiding with another family called the Van Danns and a dentist named Dussel. Throughout Anne's hiding experience she wrote in her journal bout everything that happened. She wrote about her family, the Van Danns son, Peter, and some private things. After two years of hiding the family was caught by a German police on August 4, 1994. Anne and her sister, Margot, were sent to Bergen-Belson concentration camp. Both girls died from a disease called typhus in March 1945. Anne was only 15 when here life ended.


Having courage will get you through any obstacle is shown in The Diary Of Anne Frank. There were numerous times that the Frank's had courage even in the worst conditions. The family had the courage to pack up all the stuff they could wear/carry, leave Anne’s cat, and walk outside on the streets where it was pouring to go to Mr. Frank's office. "At five o'clock this morning mother woke me up and told me to hurry and get dresses. I was to put on as many clothes as I could" (372). Anne and her family showed courage by leaving their whole life , friends and family behind. "I had to turn in my bike. I couldn't go to a Dutch school anymore. I couldn't go to the movies or ride in an automobile or even on a streetcar, and a million other things" (372).The Frank’s had so much courage to go into hiding in the secret annex. "Dear Diary, my name is Anne Frank. I am thirteen years old. Yesterday my father told me we were going into hiding" (369). Miep and Mr. Kraler had an abundant amount of courage for keeping the Frank’s hiding a secret. They provided them with a hiding place (secret annex) knowing that if they were to get caught they would be punished. Miep used the families rations for food and brought it up to the them. When the Frank's are worried that they are to get caught because a burglar is in the office, Mr. Frank shows his courage by saying, “ Have we lost all faith? All courage? A moment ago we thought that's they come for us. We were sure it was the end. We're alive, safe” (408). Mr. Frank helped the family by having courage in them and himself.

Getting Along With One Another

As shown in The Diary of Anne Frank, we must get along with our friends and family. Anne didn't get along with the Van Danns nor did she get along with her mother. One day when Anne was dancing around she accidentally spilled milk on Mrs. Van Dann's fur coat. "Now look what you've done... you clumsy little fool! My beautiful fur coat my father gave me..." (388). Anne has realized all she has left is her family… And the Van Danns of course. During the days of Hanukkah, the family exchanges gifts with each other and everyone is happy and getting along well. On this happy Hanukkah day the Frank's, Van Danss, and Dussel are singing together with joy and friendliness. There are days were the family has their good sides, and there are days when the family has their bad sides. Anne and Peter didn't get along very well when they first met. Now Anne and Peter are getting along very well. When Anne and Peter were discussing over how Peter has no friends Anne shows her nice side by saying “Oh, Peter, of course you have friends. Everyone has friends” (422). Anne is getting along with Peter and says nice things to him to make him feel better about himself.
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The Power Of a Pen

This pen is Anne's symbol. It gives her the power to write her thoughts down when she can't express the in a physical way. This might be just some pen, but to Anne it is much more than that. Anne wanted to be a writer when she grew up, but she needed to practice her “writing skills.” A pen helped her with that. It represents Anne because without this pen she wouldn't be able to fulfill her dreams when she was older. Her pen helped her when she was going through tough times and she used it to taker her anger or feelings out. An example is when Anne fights with her mother she writes in her journal that her mother does not understand her." Mother still does not understand me. But then I don't understand her either" (411). Without her pen, there would be a piece missing from her. A simple pen made her happy because that was her power and she chose the power to write.