Where did it start?

~Islam started in Mecca and it is still in Mecca. The Qur'an consider the muslims to be the exact world of God as it was to Muhammad. During the Muhammad's life, his followers memorized his messages from god along with his words deeds.

Basic Beliefs

Islam teachs that the world had a definite begging and will end one day.Teaching in the Qur'an is that there is only one God.People who have not obey god, however, will suffer.Muhammad said that on the final day God will judge all people.Those who have obey his oders will be granted life in paradise.

Where it spread?

It spread in Mecca and Sunnah. The Five Pillars of Islam which are five acts of worship required of all Mulisms. They said to there god that " There is no God but God,and the Muhammad is the prophet.

Who was the founder?

The founder was Abu Bakr he was the fist caliph . In Arabic, the word caliph mean "successor". This meant running according to the Qur'an.