ÉPK Weekly

Challenge Accepted

Le 12 au 16 mars, 2018

Cette Semaine à ÉPK

  • Faith in Action (8:53am in the gym) - everyone welcome




  • Peer Partners (at lunch in the library)


  • Wear green for St. Patrick's Day
  • Pub Night / Silent Auction Fundraiser (7pm - Average Joe's Sports Bar)


  • St. Patrick's Day

Lundi (le 17 mars 2018)

  • Faith in Action (8:53 in the gym)
  • English Scholastic Book Fair (in the library 9-3 & 5-8)
  • 3-Way-Conferences (5-8pm)

Faith, French, Family!

La Foi, Le Français, La Famille!

Journée d'esprit (Spirit Day)

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School Council Corner

Next School Council Meeting:
  • Tuesday, March 20th at 7:00pm
Club MooPlayground Replacement Project:

Call for Volunteers

  • Can you help lighten our load? Check out the parent's section of our web site for more information.
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Ensure your voice heard!

EICS Board of Trustees have decided to move ahead with Option 5 and has tabled the final motion until March 21, 2018 to provide an opportunity for the community to provide further input prior to a final decision. You are invited to share feedback about programming suggestions, share solutions to navigate the expected and unexpected challenges to Option 5 until March 19th. Input can be provided in two ways:

  1. Short questionnaire: click here
  2. written submission via email to eicstalks@eics.ab.ca

For additional information, please click here

When the EICS Board of Trustees makes a final decision, it will be implemented for the 2019-2010 school year.


The Read-a-thon donations for Valeda House have been trickling in for the past week. We have already received over $2,000 for this project. Great work everyone. Thank you for turning in all monies by Tuesday, March 13th. The leadership team will begin preparing tax receipts later this week.

School Houses: What house is your child in?

We believe in family and building community. We also know that when children have positive connections with multiple adults and have positive friendships with students outside of their grade, these connections are the strongest factors to help build resilient kids. Relationships and connections prevent mental illness and build confident kids.

One of the many ways we as a school community work to accomplish these goals is our house system. Every child and staff are in a house. Last year, a committee of parents, staff, and students selected the names of the houses and they are loved by the students:

  • Maison d'espoir (House of Hope)
  • Maison de paix (House of Peace)
  • Maison de joie (House of Joy)
  • Maison de cœur (House of Heart)

Students receive jetons (tokens) for their house when they participate in spirit days, receive lavez les pieds coupons, speak French and many, many, more great things they do. There is some friendly competition between the houses and the winning house each month enjoys an extra recess where they get to spend even more extra time playing together and building relationships with children from different grades who are also in their house. Various events throughout the year are also organized by houses. It is a yet another way to build cross-grade connections and to connect with staff outside of their grade level.

What are the houses working on now? The houses are now working together to vote on their house colour. This will be great for spirit days or event days where we are participating in our houses. What house is your child in?

Champions de la Santé (Health Champions)

Lunch ideas:

30 healthy and easy school lunches

30 fancy but easy school lunches

Hot and Cold school lunch ideas

Help your child win points for their house! Any time they celebrate their birthday and bring in a healthy or non-food treat to share, they will win 10 in points for their house!

Nutrition AP (Administrative Procedure)

Frequently asked questions & answers

Student Attendance - Did you know

  • Attendance in schools is compulsory in Alberta for every individual between the ages of 6 and 16.
  • Students who attend school regularly have the opportunity to participate more fully in learning activities which increases the likelihood of successfully completing high school.
  • Missing 2 days of school a month or 20 days a year starting in Grade 1 is equivalent to missing a full year of schooling by grade 10!

For more information check out our Parent's FAQ page.

Evidence of Learning Coming home this week (Mar 12-16)

These portfolios are meant to spark conversation about your child's learning and be a snapshot of some of the learning your child is experiencing at ÉPK. In the Evidence of Learning portfolios you will find an element of the following:

  • Faith learning
  • Literacy learning (Kindergarten and Grade 1 will be French, Grades 2-4 will be both French and English)
  • Numeracy learning
  • A Multi-step project to illustrate the scaffolding that occurs in projects and may include brainstorming, idea organization, rough copies, edit processes, to good copies. If a project is still in progress, the completed steps will be illustrated.
  • Growth Over Time which illustrates learning from the start of the year, and at each stage of portfolios, comparisons can be made to demonstrate and celebrate growth
  • A wow, which is a piece chosen by the child. This is often something they are very proud of, or something they worked hard at.

Booking 3-Way-Conferences

Three-Way Conferences, which include face-to-face conversations between your child, the teacher, and parent(s), centered on learning, are vital checkpoints in assessment and learning success.
Conversations guided by evidence of learning and a celebration of progress as well as goal setting for future growth are fundamental to continued growth and success.
Student/Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held from 5:00pm – 8:00pm on Monday, March 19th and from 5:00pm – 8:00pm on Wednesday, March 21st.

Appointment Booking Information

Upcoming Events

17 mars

  • St. Patrick's Day
19 mars
  • Faith in Action (8:53am in the gym)
  • English Scholastic Book Fair (8:45-3:00 & 5-8pm in the library)
  • 3-Way-Conference (5-8pm)

20 mars

  • English Scholastic Book Fair (8:45-3:00 in the library)
  • ÉPK ATB Bank open at lunch for deposits
  • **School Council Meeting** (7pm)

21 mars

  • English Scholastic Book Fair (8:45-3:00 & 5-8pm in the library)
  • 3-Way-Conference (5-8pm)

22 mars

  • English Scholastic Book Fair (8:45-noon in the library)

23 mars au 2 avril

  • NO SCHOOL - Spring Break & Easter

3 avril

  • Faith in Action (8:53am in the gym)

17 avril

  • Parenting in the Digital Age (5-7pm ERLC Office at Elmwood School: register here)