Nuclear Energy

Be against Nuclear energy

What is Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy happens when a energy is released by a nucleus thru nuclear fission. The heat that is produced as a byproduct is put through a cooling system to generate steam, which drives a steam turbine. Now nuclear fission is when the atom is going through radioactive decay. Radioactive decay happens when the nucleus of an atom is split into smaller particles.

Personal Opinion

I think that Nuclear Energy has bad side affects, because of all the problems that can go wrong with it. The accidents is the main reason why. The radiation that is produced could kill thousands of people. All it could take is the wrong press of a button.

High Costs

Not only is the construction of a nuclear power plant expensive, but also alot of money goes into the maintenance of the plant. The plant produces a large amount of nuclear waste. This waste is expense to monitor.

High primary target for military

Terrorist look toward the nuclear power plant as a opportunity to harness it for a weapon standpoint. Slack in the security of a nuclear power plant could cause massive destruction.

Nuclear Accidents

Nuclear Waste

On average a power plant creates 20 metric tons of fuel and with all this fuel being created there has to be waste also. 2,000 metric tons of nuclear waste is created. The waste is a high temperature and radioactivity. It makes it hard to store. It takes years for the waste to have normal levels of radioactivity.

Other views

Even through Nuclear Energy is renewable energy and takes the place of the burning of fossil fuels. The burning of fossil fuels creates carbon dioxide, which is a green house gas. The green house gasses keep the radiation from the sun inside of the earth. That process is called Global Warming. So taking out the fossil fuels is a good thing right? yes, but in doing so with nuclear energy you put everyone at risk. A power Plant creates 20 metric tons of fuel. There is 2,000 metric tons of nuclear waste. Just like in the accident, Kyshtym, if the nuclear waste is spilled it would effect everyone from that region.

Inside Chernobyl

Inside Chernobyl ЧАЭС 2015 - 29th anniversary of the Чернобыль disaster