Apartment Decorating

Intro to Housing and Interior Design

Decorating with little space

Bunk beads are a great way to save space in your room. Even if you don't have a roommate, putting things like a desk or storage space under neath an elevated bed would save a ton of space.

Decorating on a budget without nails or paint

Most dorms have a strict policy on using paint or nails. An easy alternative is command strips. They don't leave marks on walls and they hold your wall accessories in place.

Christmas lights, Pictures, and wall tapestries

Christmas lights and printed photos are a good way to decorate for cheap. Wall tapestries take up a lot of wall space, therefore making any room look bright and colorful.

Word art

Another very cheap DIY way to spice up your room is word art. Using any materials you have, cut out letters, hang them on your wall, and you've got yourself a very original wall decoration.