The Netiquette Commandments

Learn the rules of electronic communication

The 10 Netiquette Commandments

1. You shall not type in ALL CAPS
2. You shall post/forward message only if the author has given permission.
3. You shall read all existing posts/FAQs before posting to discussion group.
4. Remember a flame is a post or email that expresses a strong opinion or criticism.
5. Honor the The Golden Rule of Netiquette; remember the human!
6. You shall "lurk before you leap".
7. You shall not spam.
8. You shall continue knowledge and understanding of netiquette.
9. You shall use appropriate content for email messages.
10. You shall always Include a subject line.


Be aware of predators on the Internet. Students should be cautioned never to give their full names, phone numbers, or addresses, and to report "techno strangers" to adults if anyone asks for that kind of infor­mation.

1. What is netiquette?




noun: netiquette

  1. the correct or acceptable way of communicating on the Internet.