Let's Make a Difference-Together!

Shop for a Cause-with Staci Mehas-Lewanski

Every Mother Counts

As you know, I love what I do! Being a Stella & Dot stylist is not just about selling jewelry! I enjoy bringing friends & family together (not because there's a death, or an emergency), for FUN+ FASHION+CONVERSATION...and much needed girl-time.

I just returned from our annual convention called "Hoopla" in Orlando, and it always fills my energy tank. I come home beaming with joy to see my children and hubbie and I can't wait to chat with my customers and hostesses and show them the latest styles!!!

One of the highlights of the event was meeting my childhood idol, Christy Turlington-Burns! She created a non-profit organization called "Every Mother Counts" which provides transportation, supplies and resources for mothers during childbirth! Did you know that 1 mother dies every 2 minutes during childbirth and 98% is preventable! I didn't either!!!

In collaboration with "Every Mother Counts", Stella & Dot has created the "enlighten" bracelet, to pay for necessary equipment and resources needed to keep these mother's alive!! If we now know that 98% of these deaths are preventable, it is our duty as human beings, to make a difference, and contribute to this great cause, so these women have a chance to live! Think about all the poor orphans who have lost their mothers during childbirth...just heartbreaking!!!

And so I am writing to you....

With the sale of the "Enlighten" bracelet ($39)...the net proceeds will go to "Every Mother Counts". Here is a description (below) of what your donation can do to make a difference! I love how wearable (orange and gold is the trend right through the Fall!) they are!! Inside the bracelet, it reads: "Mother Daughter Sister". How special would it be to get one for each member of your family, knowing that YOU made a difference in another woman's life!! While you are getting a ton of compliments on your adorable bracelet is, you can mention this collaboration, and encourage her to "Shop for a Cause" & purchase a bracelet of her own! NOW that's how you start a revolution!

Please click on this link: http://www.stelladot.com/ts/ywb06 and place your order today!!! My goal is to sell 50 bracelets (or more!!) to really make an impact and help save lives!

Thank you for supporting my small business, but more importantly, thank you for reading this message and being aware that we need to help these women survive and thrive!

Love to All!