Olivia Henning - 7th hour - Drug Project

History of Drug-

Aspirin- Used by greek physicians hippocrates

- sodium salicylate is a form of it

- powdered willow bark

- Felix Hoffman modified the substance to ease the stomach pain

Acetaminophen- 1899, German scientist discovered that the body metabolizes phenacetin and then made the painkiller acetaminophen

-turned out to be safer

-first marketed in 1953

NSAIDs and COX-2 Selective NSAIDs- 1960, first NSAID was indomethacin

-COX-2 discovered in 1991

-went to the market in 1998-1999

Opoids- grown early in the year of 3400 B.C

- used as a narcatic

- used as painkiller by Paracelsus

- heroin first synthesized in the year of 1874

- first sold by Bayer Company

How are painkillers used?

- injected

- snorted

- smoked

- crushed

Below: crushed up painkillers

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Street names






-pink footballs

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Short Term Effects

-loss or gain of appetite


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Long Term Effects



-respiratory infection

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Important Facts / Statistics

- one in 10 high seniors admit to abusing painkillers

- 785 deaths of methadone in Florida alone in 2007

- misuse of painkillers is three-fourths of the problem of prescription drug abuse

- painkiller abuse , one of the more difficult addictions to treat