What do you want your 2016 to look like? Let's start NOW!

Happy New Year Rolling Gemstones! I am officially back to work! Kids go back to school tomorrow, my parents who have been visiting for 2 weeks fly home tomorrow and I am ready to make 2016 EXTRAORDINARY!

What new mountains do you want to climb? Let’s help each other reach new peaks! It’s time to declare and share. Over the next two weeks I’d love for us to declare and share our goals in three ways and you’ll have a chance to earn $100 in product credit to buy whatever you still want from the new line. Yep it pays to share!

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  1. What will make you feel victorious—I’m talking fist pump in the air— in 2016? Let’s use present tense….. Start with a powerful I AM statement (not “I want to” or “I will”). Here is mine: On December 31, 2016 I AM a Senior Director. Yours might be something like: On December 31, 2016 I am out of debt, I AM a Star Stylist, or I AM planning the new kitchen I earned with my commissions, etc. Please share yours with me! I want to keep them all on my vision board throughout the year so that I know what you are working towards. Write it down, take a pic of you holding it and send it to me or post on our team Facebook page….(Oh and btw, this gets you 2 entries to $100 product credit)
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2. What will make your January AMAZING? Let’s start strong! Every January trunk show you book and conversation with a potential you have earns you a entry to $100 product credit. We will be tracking and posting this on our team Facebook page. Yes shows you have now in January count. Use the 2242—this is the key to consistency and success. Facebook posts do not count as reach outs. Dream big and take action. Set and share your goal. (ie I want $1000 in January to help pay off my visa bill from the holidays so I need 4 trunk shows. I also want to sponsor 2 people to share #sdjoy, have more fun with my business and generate another income stream.)

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3. Pick a one word mantra for 2016…. What do you want personally or professionally this year? Here are some possibilities: growth, conquer, electrify, expansion, thrive, invigorate, relish, succeed, strengthen, enjoy, rejuvenate, adventure, blossom, shine, etc. My 2016 mantra is FLOURISH! Share what yours will be! And yes this is 2 entries to earn $100 in product credit.

Want to do three things to really set you up for a great week to take action?

  1. Print your 2242 tracker and your warm ups and schedule your time for follow up:

  1. Don’t reinvent the wheel use these words to say for trunk shows and sharing the sponsoring opportunity (just tweak to make your own). Find the January Success Plan here which includes words to say:

  1. Last but not LEAST find a local spring rally near you to see the new line, rev yourself up for the new season. Find a local meeting near you (most are 1/12-1/14). It’s a great place to reinvigorate your business and to bring a potential stylist or hostess:

Congratulations to all of you who earned your sample coupon—Friday can’t come soon enough, huh? But before you get too excited trying to decide what to pick out don't forget to book those January trunk shows! It's NO FUN having a bunch of new fabulous jewelry and NO ONE to share it with. Talk about taking the wind out of your sails (and sales). And if you didn’t earn the level you wanted, let’s all start now to earn it for the next collection.

I am choosing to make booking a priority over deciding what samples to purchase and I invite YOU to do the same. We have 6 DAYS before we can sample! We can all book a debut show, you can even start the year off by hosting your own if you want! Remember it's hostess bonus days!

Who wants to take advantage of the sponsoring special? Is it time to grow your team? I’ll be focusing on this all month. I have a goal to sponsor 5 new stylists this month—I really want to start this year off with a bang. I’ve made a list and started warming up people. I plan to invite at least 5 new people to the opportunity call this Thursday and follow up with other people I’ve spoken to in the past but that the timing wasn’t right. I will send an email and then follow up with a phone call. And if you are new to sponsoring or feel a little rusty, I am happy to set up a time to chat with you and your potential stylist and help you seal the deal!

I look forward to all of us getting out of our comfort zones and making some fun, new changes in our businesses this year! Let’s climb a new mountain together! Can’t wait to hear from you and watch our trunk show pipeline start booming and team start growing. It all starts now. Let’s get to it.


PS Please don’t let the Dot Dollar redemption period pass you by without reaching out to your customers to help them with orders. I’d hate for you to regret taking action—after all, you worked so hard this holiday season. Why not use those reach outs to fill out your 2242 tracker and not only help them use their discount but see if they will be a debut hostess or better yet, are they interested in learning more about being a stylist? Worst case, ask for a referral. :)

December awesomeness— a fun recap to the great month!

I know we are in the NEW YEAR but let's take a moment to celebrate these December go-getters. Great job ending the month and season strong! Don't forget to keep that momentum going!

Top in December Sales and extra commission earners:

Jennifer Beed Pisani 11569.5

Diane Smith Grundberg 5756.4

Wendy Cheatham Moulton 3672.62

Katarina Cerny 3605.28

Mimi McCarter Cunningham 2796.36

Amie Whitaker Cuellar 2463

Gretchen Hageman 2429.36

Joany Crawford Dailey 2364.17

Michelle Zirbell 2263.65

Nice Job selling over $1000 to this bunch of gals!

Megan Murphy Bergin 2034.75

Renee Alberico 2011.71

Erin Flesch 1991.45

Amy Ray 1983.46

Lauren Stettin Fraser 1723.92

Addie Rasmusson 1580.24

Julie Edwards 1534.35

Jill Law Neil 1511.3

Oly Marina 1493.95

Kathrine Bright 1436.89

Nicole Kyros Greifenkamp 1377.15

Jen Navarro 1131.9

Sarah Aiello 1002.55

Marnie Salazar 1002

Look who qualified:

Sally Balvanz 970.66

Carrie Smith 912.45

Sylvia Marin 882.6

Brianna Barrettt 865.8

Eleanor Vigorito Pieton 755.5

Alyssa Greiberr 727.64

Tricia Bruttomesso 648.86

Vicki Kraft Hallman 616.5

Brenda Kakita 585.8

Kimberly Theresa 584.55

Tara Such Ritchie 563

Tricia Wilkerson 556.15

Congratulations to all of our sample earner coupons! If your name isn't on the list you want it to be on--don't fret, this is one collection. Good News, you can start earning your sampling discounts for the next collection starting TODAY!