Pride and Prejudice

By Dejuon Pickett

The Proposal

The Rewriting of the First Ball

Two good friends that go by the names of Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley are in town and they are currently attending a local dance. Bingley has danced with a few women while Mr. Darcy just stands around.

"Come on bro," says Mr. Bingley, "Why aren't you dancing? I hate to see you standing here alone looking stupid you should come and dance."

"Dancing with any of the dreadful girls at this dance would be like a punishment. The only girls that I would consider dancing with are your sisters and they are currently occupied."

"It's not that bad," cried Bingley, "There are many presentable girls here in this room. Some of them are actually quite beautiful."

"You are dancing with the best looking girl here," said Darcy.

"That's true but her sister over there is very pretty as well. Maybe I should introduce the two of you."

"Which one?" Cried Mr. Darcy

"Elizabeth," said Bingley.

"Oh, she's all right but she's not good enough for me though."

Relationship Analysis

Characters Charles Bingley and Jane Bennet of the book Pride and Prejudice developed an excellent relationship throughout the book. It all began when Mr. Bingley had arrived in town and the word of his solitude and good fortune had spread throughout the town. A ball had been hosted in Netherfield that both Charles and Jane had attended. This is where the two met and Charles had chosen Jane amongst the herd of girls that were after him. From then on a sequence of events led them to grow a bit closer and Jane had the opportunity to meet Bingley's friends and family. Everything was going swiftly and rumors of marriage were beginning to surface. Things were good up until the second ball hosted by Mr. Bingley, he had begun to let the people who were around him influence his decisions therefore the relations between the two had come to an end. Over the period of time that they spent apart from one another everything worked itself out and Bingley realized that he should have made his decision on his own. Jane and Charles eventually were together again and their relationship was great. I believe that over the next 20 years they will live a very good life together and have beautiful children.