Champion News

November 10, 2014

Field Trips

We have TWO field trips in the next two weeks!

Monte Sano Fossil Trip--- This FRIDAY. Please let me know if you need another field trip form. I need that permission slip back MONDAY since we are going on Friday NOVEMBER 14th. The cost for the trip is $3.00. I also need several parents who can CHAPERONE.

INTERNATIONAL PARADE- Providence Elementary will Parade thru the Village of Providence on November 18th at 1:00. Third grade will represent Ireland. We need your child to dress in GREEN! Since we will be off campus, please return those permission slips too. If you need another permission slip, please let me know.

We would love to see you at the PARADE!


The class has been working hard on writing skills! I have to brag on two students who had top paragraphs this week! Georgia wrote an amazing story when asked to write a description about a bird she has seen in her yard. She went beyond a simple description and wrote a story with a great ending! Way to go Georgia!

The students were also asked to write a paragraph related to their reading story about being tricked or cheated by a friend. Lenny really stepped up and used some great IB character traits to incorporate into his paragraph! He had the absolute best paragraph because he did not talk about revenge or pay back at all. Way to use thinking and self-reflection skills Lenny!

International Festival

The International Festival will be November 18th from 5-7 and we would love to see you and your family here! Please come and join us as we celebrate different cultures from around the globe. There will be music, crafts, and activities for everyone to enjoy as we learn about life in different places around the world.

Third Grade is focusing on Ireland and the many street murals the country portrays. If you and your child can capture a photograph of a mural in Huntsville or in your area, we would love to see it! You can email me those photos and have your child ready to talk about where you saw the photo!

Progress Reports and Classwork.

Third Grade will send home progress reports on Wednesday.

Graded papers from the last two weeks will go home today. I am still working on grading the homes and interview projects. Hopefully those will be finished by next week. The students all did such a fabulous job on those! I know you are all proud of your children.


Congratulations are in order for the following students for passing all 3 of their timed multiplication facts tests! We have tested on the 2s, 5s, and 9s. Since our field trip is this Friday, we will not have a timed test this week. We may take a review test on Thursday, so that is a great opportunity to have your child practice the 2, 5 and 9 test they need to work on!

Congratulations for passing all 3 tests!






Congratulations to these students who passed 2 out of 3 tests:







Veteran's Day

We will not have school on Tuesday. Thank you to all of those who have loved ones or know someone who has served our country.

Please let me know!

Time is flying by! It seems like the last few weeks have been flying by! I hope I have not left anything out of these announcements! Please email me or call with any questions or concerns.

Have a fabulous week!