Read for the Record!

October 21, 2014

What is Read for the Record?

Read for the Record is sponsored by Jumpstart and The purpose is to encourage reading across all levels. To do this, each year in October, a date is set to create a world record of people reading the same book on the same day! In 2013, the record was set at 2,462,860! What can we set for 2014?

Read for the Record

Tuesday, Oct. 21st, 8am-3pm

Moss-Nuckols Elementary

Join us in reading "Bunny Cakes", a delightful Max and Ruby tale of cakes, Grandma, and worms! Books are available from the Reading Resource room, the library, as well as online at!

Suggested Activities

It's so much more than just a book! Make the day more exciting for your students with some of the following activities:

*Is your class ready to compete in the "Cake Decorating Contest?" Are you a Max or a Ruby? Have your class decorate cake templates (provided) and hang them outside your classroom to be judged. Best Ruby and Best Max cakes will be judged. The winning classrooms will win $10 worth of books from the bookfair for the classroom library! (teacher's choice). Judging will be held after 3pm on Oct 21st! Winning classrooms will be announced over the morning announcements on the 22nd.

*What's more fun than playing in the dirt? Create dirt cups with your class (or have a parent volunteer help out!). All you need is chocolate pudding, small cups (for each student), crushed oreos, and some gummy worms!

*How about adding a little math into your day? Have students measure out and create a treat! It can be as simple as a cereal mix to a more serious non-bake treat!

*If you can do math, how about a little science? A quick study on rabbits using nonfiction books from the library or maybe a furry visitor from one of your students!

*The possibilities are endless! You choose what fits for your class and your schedule, as long as it's fun! :)