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For the week of May 13th, 2013


I have had the chance to sit down with each grade level to discuss choices for consumable money. When planning for this, assume that you will have approximately 25 students. Remember that each student is allotted $10 worth of materials.

Materials we discussed include:

*LLI consumable take home books (GR levels A-N available at approx. $4.57 per child) Check them out at: You may have to click on the link at the side for your grade (K-2)

*Keep books (levels A-K-various levels in each pack-approx. $1.00 per child per set) Check them out at:

*F &P Readers Notebook (for grades 3-4-$6.00 per child) Take a look at:

*Scholastic News (available K-4-price ranges from $4.79 to $5.78) Use this link to check it out:

*TIME for Kids (available K-4-price is $4.42 per child) Here is the link:

*National Geographic Explorer (available K-4-price is $4.57 per child) Click to explore:

*Indiana Studies Weekly (great for 4th-price is $4.66 per child) Check it out here:

*Storyworks (grades 3-4-price is $6.99 per child) from Scholastic Click to discover more:

*Okapi (grades 2-4-price is approx. $2.00 per child) Take home book sets-the company is offering these sets specially to HSE-includes levels K-P See the materials at:

When you calculate the order, remember that I need one order form from each grade level, not each teacher.

Please have your order to me by May 21st.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me!

My Calendar for the week of May 13th

Where Can You Find Me?

Monday-BSE all day

Tuesday-SCE (am), Durbin (pm), K report card mtg after school at BSE

Wednesday-Admin for TDS mtg all day

Thursday-Admin for Design Team mtg all day

Friday-SCE (am), Durbin (pm)

Great Reads for the Last Week of School

All Books are in my personal library....just ask if you'd like to borrow!

Last Day Blues by Julie Danneberg

The students don't want the teacher to miss them over the summer...funny!

Primary level

The Night Before Summer Vacation by Natasha Wing (I have two copies of this)

This book follows the familiar rhyme from T'was The Night Before Christmas. Students will love it!

Primary Level

Last Day, Hooray by Nancy Poydar

The students are excited for the last day, just like the teacher!