H E R O House

Mrs. Kline, Mr. Miller, and Ms. Naze

Mrs. Kline (Language Arts and Math)



Ms. Naze (Language Arts and Science)



Mr. Miller (Language Arts and Social Studies)



Hero House Field Trip

Hero House will be going to the Barlow Planetarium and the DePere Budget Cinema next Tuesday the 12th of February.

Students will be going for lunch after the planetarium to either McDonalds or Tom's. If you choose to have your student get lunch they will need money at the restaurant. Students may get a school lunch to take with them as an option you can sign up for.

Sixth Grade Bowling

This last Thursday we were able to have an end of the semester celebration with our kids. We had a great time and really appreciate all of the good behavior and friendship that we saw.

Important Dates

TEESO Open to sign up for conferences

Harmann's is accepting orders until Feb. 7th.

Week of February 11th


Tuesday, February 12th

Hero Barlow FT 8:30-2:30

Thursday, February 14th

TEESO Closes

Friday, February 15th

LV Talent Show 6PM @ LV

Monday, February 18th

Parent Teacher Conferences 4-7:30

Thursday, February 21st

Parent Teacher Conferences 4-7:30

Friday, February 22nd

HALF DAY OF SCHOOL 11:40 Release

Assembly 8:40-9:40

Mrs. Kline's Math

Our current math Unit is on Surface Area of Prisms and Pyramids. Surface Area is calculated by finding the area of each individual side and adding them all together. We have spent a few days working with prisms in real life, and creating nets of these prisms.

Mr. Miller's Social Studies

We have now entered our unit on World War I. Students began by learning about the





causes of WWI. We will look at geography of the war, trench warfare, diaries of those affected, propaganda, and the home front to name a few of the topics we will discuss.

Ms. Naze's Science

We have started our Astronomy Unit. Students are learning about Kepler's Laws of planetary motion.

Language Arts

Please encourage your child to read 20-30 minutes every day! Students are expected to bring an independent reading book to class every day.

Mrs. Kline

Our brand new reading unit is focused on nonfiction literature. During the second portion of this unit, students have been working in groups to research various topics. Eventually, students will create their own TED talks on specific subtopics of their current research.

Mr. Miller

We are working on a new non-fiction unit that will be incorporating book clubs and research. The structure of this unit is broken up in three parts and will end by having the students make a 'Ted Talk' style of video at the end of the unit.

Currently the students are working on researching a topic with non-fiction articles.

Some topics chosen are:

Atomic Bombs

Disease and Illness


Outer Space

Genetic Modified Organisms

Teen Activism

Ms. Naze

Students are working on their TEd talks for the non-fiction reading unit.

Helpful Site for Math


One of the apps that students have and an excellent tutorial for math is Khan academy.

The link is as follows: https://www.khanacademy.org/

Students can simply type in their search question or content area they are looking for and it will have a smartboard lesson with audio explain and showing how to work through whatever problems they are looking up. Great site!