Apps for Education

These are apps available on IOS.


Voicethread is a really fantastic app where students can create audio recordings or written text against a background image. It can be implemented in many ways. For example, in a social studies class, students could perhaps use VoiceThread for a project outlining the factors leading to The War of 1812; where they would be able to state the information as an audio recording with a background image.

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is a technology where users can submit answers to polls and create their own polls. It can be used in a math class when teaching probability.

Remind 101

Remind 101 is an app where teachers can safely message students and parents, and messages are kept private. Teachers can send out a text reminding students the night before an assignment or exam.


Schoology is an LMS technology where teachers can create assignments, students can access their grades and students can collaborate with their peers. A way this could be implemented in education is to have students, for their homework, participate in a group discussion on one of the message boards about what they thought of the last chapter in a novel for english class.

Kid Science: Frog Dissection

This serves as a science lab at home. This provides a virtual way to learn about how a frog's body works and students can perform a virtual dissection. This can be used in K-12 education for students who are uncomfortable with dissecting an actual frog or for schools that would prefer to not have the dissections/unable to get the materials.