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A Guide to Professional Development and ProGOE Usage

Welcome to the ProGOE Press - Edition 8

This quarterly newsletter will be sent to School Site Inservice Representatives and ESF Course Creators to provide support for using ProGOE, storage and handling of professional development records, and other issues that can impede the accuracy of our transcript system. The newsletter will contain tips for SIRs and ESF Staff, as well as video tutorials and other helpful information.

WELCOME BACK 2021-2022

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Elementary Leading and Learning Conference PD Implementation Due 9/7/21

The Elementary Leading and Learning Conference was a big success and we want to thank all of our attendees, as well as those who stepped up to assist with the teaching and facilitation of courses. The implementation forms for the awarding of in service credits for the four hour online conference are due to the Office of Professional Learning and Development by September 7, 2021, so we can begin to process credits for each of the almost 200 sessions offered during this event. If your teachers have not yet completed their implementation for the conference day, please share this link with them. We want to make sure all of our teachers receive their in service points for the day. Those who attended Sessions 5 and 6 will also need to complete an implementation form.

Remember, those who attended the conference face to face at our special sites will receive credits from the provider who organized that training (ex. Media Specialists, Elementary School Counselors, PE, Art Music, etc.)

Pre-planning PD should be entered no later than September 30, 2021

All pre-planning PD (including Bonus Pre-Planning for our Elementary Schools) should be entered by our schools no later than September 30, 2021. It is important to be timely when entering PD because teachers will begin the certificate renewal process in September. It is best practice to make sure teachers have their pre-planning points to use for their renewal, especially when those points are for general in service credits. Here are some examples of this year's pre-planning PD entered by the school site.

Orientation - Course#17406

(For Elementary only)Bonus Pre-Planning Conscious Discipline Course# 17486

(For Elementary only)Bonus Pre-Planning ELA Best Standards Course# 17489

(For Secondary Only) August 5th-Secondary Leading & Learning Conference Course#17473

*Elementary Leading & Learning Conference is being processed at the district

If you have any questions about the awarding of credit, please feel free to reach out to Lynnette Thorstensen at or Itzel Copley at

Evaluation Plans still on hold

As of today, August 23, 2021, we are still waiting on our vendor to roll the evaluations plans for 2021-2022. Therefore, our orientation materials are available to our schools through a BPS webpage. Teachers and Staff may complete the orientation and turn in the Orientation Quiz, to their school based in service representative or assistant principal, for in service points. Once the plans become available, teachers and staff will be able to go into their plan and complete the required orientation acknowledgement. The Office of Labor Relations is continuing to work with our vendor and will notify school principals when plans become available.

Remind your teachers to request points for conferences or PD taken this summer outside of BPS

Click here for directions on how teachers can request credit for workshops they take outside of the BPS system. All credit requests for summer training must be submitted to our office no later than November 1, 2021. Sometimes teachers will forget, or may not even know, they an request credits for training taken during the summer through vendors outside of BPS. This is a great time to remind them.
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We've been seeing several errors on courses built in ProGOE pertaining to the credit type. When the correct choices are not made in the process of course creation it significantly impacts the participants and could have a negative impact on teachers needing specific credits for renewal.

Here are some rules to follow when designing a course in ProGOE.

  1. In service and Bankable NEVER go together. General in service credit can not be banked, it must be used during the validity period it was earned.
  2. Any component starting with a "2" or a "5" (except for gifted) is considered SWD for the purpose of banking credit. Therefore when entering the credit type you would choose SWD and Bankable would be checked off. You can find more information here.
  3. All components starting with ESN are SWD. ESN stands for Exceptional Student Needs. These would be marked SWD and Bankable.
  4. Any course starting PDA is only for our team in FDLRS. PDA stands for Professional Development Alternatives, our state site for ESE training.(BESE)
  5. Reading in service is bankable and should be listed as such.
  6. the credit type READING/SWD if for district use only and should not be used by schools. This credit bank was created to track the courses taken toward the 40 hour reading requirement for HB 7069. (Example Exploring Structured Literacy is Reading/SWD).

See below for some examples of recording credit types. If you have any questions about credit types, please feel free to reach out to our office. You may contact Itzel Copley at or Lynnette Thorstensen at

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ProGOE Training

ProGOE Training for School Based Personnel

Our training for school site inservice representatives, assistant principals, and school principals is now online. Register for Course # 17558 in ProGOE. Participants will be taking the course through Canvas, our district adult learning management system. This is a 2 hour, self-paced course designed for busy school site personnel and administrators.

ProGOE Training for ESF Staff

Tuesday, Sep. 28th, 1-3:30pm

2700 Judge Fran Jamieson Way

Melbourne, FL

This is an initial training for Resource Teachers, Directors, Administrative Assistants, and other professionals working at ESF. Those who have already been trained may also sign up for the course as a refresher.

ProGOE Section# 408557

How to Find Your Credits for Renewal (Watch this short video)

Finding credits on your transcript

Best Practices for Planning and Implementing Professional Development

The state of Florida has recently revised the domains and standards for professional learning systems. Each one of our schools is an intricate part of the professional development system within Brevard Public Schools. Providing teachers with an opportunity for authentic professional development experiences and the monitoring and evaluating of that learning is a key factor in showing the impact professional development is making on student achievement. Below you will find some basic guidelines for professional development in BPS.

    • Must be at least 2 hours long (this can include a series of inservice on early release)
    • Must have a ProGOE sign in sheet for all those in attendance
    • Must have learning objectives for participants based on the Professional Learning Catalog, and a Follow-up/Implementation product

    • Must evaluate their learning on the learning objective for each meeting

    Please click the link above to review the new Florida Standards for Professional Learning.