Choosing Ceremony

The Bowls Decide Your Fate

In the Choosing Ceremony all of the factions are gathered in a room which is always reserved for just this event. An announcer calls out names and each person steps up and is handed a knife.

They walk up to a table which has five bowls on it which each represent each of the five factions. Each one has something in it and they have to slit their hands and spill some of their blood on what ever is in the bowls. This then decides what fiction they are in.

Once choice can transform you.


Each bowl has something in it which represents a faction. Abegnation's bowl is filled with gray rocks; the selfless, Eudite's bowl is filled with water; the inelegant, Dauntless's bowl is filled with hot coals; Candor's bowl is filled with ice; the honest, and lastly Amitity's bowl is filled with dirt; the peaceful.