To My First Year Teachers

Pushing Through Spring

Dear Family,

What a year it has been! I wanted to take a minute to tell each of you how very proud I am of you. The growth I have seen in each of you has been overwhelming. We talk a lot about building relationships with our students and how that plays out in the classroom, but we rarely talk about it with regards to adults. It's time for me to share what our relationship has brought to my life as your mentor...

The Fam

Every time I email you, I have no hesitation addressing you as family. I have seen you grow into a beautiful educator throughout this year. We have had some interesting and fun conversations regarding students, teachers, life, and curriculum/content. I cannot tell you how much it fills my heart to see an email pop up from you when you need a little help. I want you to know that I will always be here for you. Even when you have "graduated" on in the PBTE process and no longer need your mentor (boo hoo), I will always be your family, cheering you on and standing strong in your corner.

I love you beyond educational words can say. Keep truckin' along through the spring and realize that you are my family and in this amazing world of education, you are family to many of your students when they have nothing at home. Be their hero, as you are mine.

Happy Spring, my dear family.


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