maddie rose lucas

What will be in the Flyer!!!

This Flyer will have the Weather and what to do in all the Seasons in Piedmont

What to do in the Summer in Piedmont!!!

1.Go Swimming in the Rivers in the Tidewater Region. 2.Ride bike's. 3.You don't have to go to School.

What to do in the Winter in Piedmont!!!

1.You can go Skiing 2.You can go Snowbornding. 3.You can drink coco or Hot Choclont

What to do in the Spring in Piedmont!!!

1.You can play Soccer. 2.You can play Football. 3.You can go Swimming

What to do in the Fall in Piedmont!!!

1.You can Rake Leaves. 2.You can play games inside your house. 3.You can play Soccer.