Hero Project

Thomas C.

Who is a hero?

A hero is someone who is always willing to put those they love before them no matter the consequence. They are a great person who always helps other. That's why my personal hero is Lynn Chookaszian.

Defnition essay

Thomas A. Bartholomew Chookaszian

2nd Period Writing Mr. P


Definition of a hero

Webster dictionary defines hero as “a person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.” But is there more to it than just that? At first most people will think that a hero is some strong man with superhuman qualities. When in reality a hero can be any one of us you or me. A hero is someone who is always willing to put others before them no matter the consequences.

A hero is a woman working day and night to make a living but still giving money to charity. Imagine a middle aged woman waking up at five am every morning to get on the bus to her minimum wage job and not leaving until seven in the afternoon to head to her night shift from nine to one at yet another minimum wage job, after this only to get home to a one room apartment she can barely afford yet on her way home she always gives part of her paycheck to someone who needs it.. Consider how much she must work just to get by and then giving part of that away. She has to constantly struggle with losing her job or even house but she still gives part away. But through this she always remembers she is helping somebody who needs it more than her. This is not only challenging but is under constant stress of her job and needs to work to keep her house yet will still help him even though she needs the money.

A hero is a man running into a burning building to save a random person. This man, Bruce Fitzgerald, lives many days a month not being able to see his family. He spends weeks or even months at a time living in the firehouse not as Bruce Fitzgerald, but as fireman. He and the other fireman Alfred Butler sit in that building and wait. They wait there everyday for somebody to need there help of which they spring into action. They risk their lives for others almost every day. He has had times where he was running into a collapsing building to save people he doesn't even know the name of. He will always be ready at anytime to help anyone no matter the consequences. He has always known the consequences but that doesn't stop him from risking his life to help others. This courage to do this shows that he is always ready to help others even if he could die.

As we have seen, heroes can come in all shapes and sizes from a pour women helping the homeless to a fireman saving people they have never even met. Anybody who is able to put others before themselves is a true hero. While very few can be consider a dictionary defined hero, many people of all shapes and sizes are heroes in many different ways. In your life can you now see who the true heroes are to you? Can you find those who will help others before themselves.

Untouchable Hero

Thomas A. Bartholomew Chookaszian

2nd Period writing Mr. P


Untouchable Hero

A hero is someone always willing to put others before them. My true untouchable hero is Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus is the son of the Virgin Mary and Joseph the carpenter. He was born around 4 BC. Disputing his life he was a religious leader and was said to have healed and saved many people. There are even stories of him saving people who were next to death and making them perfectly fine. He died around 39 AD When he was crucified by Pontius Pilate for helping his people. Jesus of Nazareth is a true hero because of his ability to always put others before him.

Jesus truly shows the signs of a hero through his ability to put others before him. There is a story of Jesus's teachings. This story told of subtle teachings where he would not scold people but tell them that there was possibility of healing. According to the Encyclopedia of World Biography, "He was known as a friend of sinners who warned men not to make judgments of others whom they consider sinful. He forgave men of their sins and told about a God who seeks to save sinners." There are also those who say he could save people from near death. As stated by the Encyclopedia of World biography, "Today, partly because of psychosomatic medicine and therapy, people are more likely to believe in the possibilities of faith healing. " Jesus's healings and his teachings of forgiveness show us his ability to put others before him.
Jesus Christ and Lynn Chookaszian both show the attributes of a true hero. Both Lynn and Jesus have spent their entire lives helping those they care for. Lynn helps her children and family and sacrificing her day. While Jesus may have gone as far as dying to save a group of millions from their sins, they both are able to make huge sacrifices in their day to day life in order to help others. These people both can demonstrate the ability so to make these sacrifices and help others as much as they can.
Seeing the great ability of Jesus and Lynn to make great sacrifice can help guide me in life. It can show me that life is not just about you but about others and that helping others is what matters. In the future I will know to care for all those who matter and make sacrifices to help everybody in need.
Animal Testing

Animal testing has been a huge controversy for many years. Animal lovers hate it when really it is a life saving process.

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