Mendel's Genetics

What makes you who you are.

What is the study of Genetics?

A branch of biology that studies heredity.Heredity is the passing on of charecteristics from parents to offspring.

Who Discovered Genetics , How did he do this?

Gregor Mendel, a monk who lived in australia discovered genetics.He studied pea plants for his genetic trait discoveries.He was the first to succeed in predicting how traits would be transferred from one generation to the next.

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Incomplete Dominance

incomplete Dominance:phenotype of heterozygous individuals is intermediate between those of the two homozygotes.EX:

Genotype/ Phenotype

Genotype(Gg) is a gene combinations of an organism. They are either Homozygous or Herterozygous. Phenotype is the way an organism looks or behaves. It can be enviromentally impacted.

Homozygous VS. Heterozygous

Homozygous( GG or gg) is two alleles of the trait are the same.Heterozygous (Gg) is when two alleles for the trait differ from each other.

Dominant VS Recessive

Dominant :observed trait of an organism that masks the recessive form of the trait.Recessive: trait of an organism that can be masked by the dominant form of  a trait.


Codominance:phenotypes of both homozygotes produced in heterozygous individuals(Both alleles expressed equally)

Multiple Alleles

Multiple alleles is an inheritance pattern in which traits are controlled by more than two alleles. They are used to determine compatability.

Sex-Linked Traits

Sex-Linked Traits are characteristics determined by genes on sex chromosomes.EX: (XX or XY)