Netherlands music tour

Jasquin de prez


Welcome in the Netherlands Music Tour! In the next 3 days you will listening beautiful music which is composed by the greatest composers of the sixteenth century.

Lets start our adventure!

Capella Amsterdan and Sweelinck Orchestra in Amsterdam

It is first day our trip. We will visited two excieting place where we will listen the most beautiful muscic which is composed by Sweelinck and Jasquin de prez. A famous Capella Amsterdam will played specialy for us in the capital of Holland Amsterdam.

Is a professional chamber choir, which was founded in 1970 by Jan Boeke. They will play Lassus and Sweelinck music. Next, after dinner in the one of Amsterdam best restaurant we will go to the Sweelinch Orchestra in Amsterdam. It was found in 1878 and is therefore the oldest symphony orchestra of Amsterdam. The Sweelinck orchestra has played their classical and modern repertoire all over the world. Today they will play for us ! It's such amazing!

Sweelinck College and Denver Walking

Welcome in second day!

At 10 o'clock we will start out jurnal in the Sweelinck College in Amsterdam. This fantastic place sound beutiful Sweelinck music. The joung people learn there how to develop their talent. Then, after visiting we will go by the trip bus to Denver. There was born the most outstanding composer of the Renaissance. We will walking there around 2 hours