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The art or practice of taking and processing photographs


"I am so grateful to keep film alive in a world that is digital." - professional

In today's society so many things can be done from on technology, in 2011 90% of Americans has some sort of technology. Photography is now as simple as taking out your phone and snapping a picture, but that not what makes someone a good photographer. Creativity, " being creative on how you view your subject." -professional

The message of your photo is what makes a good photographer


Education... the road to succses

Going to collage is always a good idea, educating yourself more can help you become an even better photographer. Some courses you could take at Massart a collage in Massachusetts are alternative camera and alternative techniques, word and photo graphic image, lighting, photo editing , image and object, and landscape.


"With great photography comes great responsibility"

  • Keeping up to date with finances
  • Equipment setup
  • Model selection
  • Getting film developed
  • Scheduling shoots