Teach Like A Pirate Day

The Last Day is Coming

The last day of school is quickly coming upon us, and we are doing something different. We are teaching like pirates! Teachers and students have signed up to lead sessions on topics that you wouldn’t normally find inside the classroom. The students will get to go to whichever sessions they want (according to grade level), and they will learn like pirates!

Ground Rules

Here are some ground rules: 1. Sessions will be limited by teacher discretion (some can handle 15, others can handle 30). So, be prepared to choose a different session if the one you wanted is full. 2. You cannot squat on a session. This day is about taking in as much as you can. You need to learn something new during each session. 3. A few of the session require you bring supplies. If you plan on attending that session, make sure you bring what is asked. 4. Have FUN!

Schedule Template

You will given a template on Tuesday, May 31st. Use this template to help you plan out your day.