Of Mice and Men

Book written by John Steinbeck

About The Book

This book is about lonlieness and how two men work together to try to buy a ranch. these two men are George and Lennie.


There are many different personalities in this book. There is George, Lennie, Candy, Curly, Slim, Candy's wife (she doesn't have a name), Crooks, Carlson.

Candy is a old swamper that cleans, sweeps and washes the floor.

Curly is a short cocky and the bosses son and will pick a fight with anyone bigger then him.

Slim is the animal handler. He is respected among the men. but has a different way of seeing life.

Crooks is also in charge of the animals. He gets his name from his crooked back from a kick from a horse. He is aloof, and has seen many hardships in his life.

Carlson is ruthless and not passionate of others.

Curly's wife is kind of a floozy, is always a flirting with the workers and "looking for curly."


The themes to the book are the impossibility of the American dream and the strong picking on the weak. The impossibility of the "American Dream" is true. Many try to make it but never are able to. A quote from Crooks: " I seen hundreds of men come by on the road an' on the ranches, with their bindles on their back an' that same thing in their heads. Hundreds of them....Nobody never gets to heaven, and nobody never gets no land" (70). This statement shows that its nearly impossible to reach the dream. The strong picking on the weak is the other theme. This would describe life well because at this time era that is what made America go around. The economy was down. The government was not supportive and people were left to be on there own. For example, in the book Lennie was smiling at Curly because he was happy. Curly was the strong one and Lennie was weak due to his mental challenges. Physically Lennie was the stronger but he did not understand his own strength. Another example is when the group out numbered Candy to get rid of his dog. Carlson killed Candy's dog and cleaned his gun that he used right in front of Candy showing intimidation.

Significant Passages

Tome of the significant passages are the ones where George and Lennie dream about their own ranch. Or the part when Lennie imagines he is talking to Aunt Clara and the rabbit.

literary elements

The biggest literary element is foreshadowing because when the introduce Curly's wife you know because of the past Lennie has had with women something is going to happen.