Kacie Howard Learning Profile

April 29, 2015

True Color

My true color is orange! This means that I am a natural leader, active, competitive, and adventuresome! Some of my strengths are determined and being competitive to be the best. My weaknesses can be that I am only open to my own ideas and that I may be over controlling.

Learning Style

My learning style is auditory. This means I learn best by listening someone give me instructions. This was shocking for me because I have to have a paper listing or giving me directions. i was very close on visual, however. This means I can learn easily by viewing how to do something or looking at instructions.

Learning Preferences

For me to learn best, I have to be in a specific environment. It has to be quiet. People chatting distracts me. Music is fine, but nothing else can make noise. I prefer the temperature to be average. The cold irritates me, and the warm makes me fall asleep.


I am a Global learner. I need breaks when I do my homework. For me to learn best, I like facts to be straight to the point. I dont want to hear a story if that's how the information is being presented.

Multiple Intelligence

Multiple intelligence differentiates learning styles into specific "modalities", rather than seeing intelligence as dominated by a single general ability.

Being a Good Student

  • study in a quiet area
  • study in a room temperatured environment
  • work with other people
  • take breaks when needed