All About Cri Du Chat

By: Marcus Morrow, Alex Spurlock,Noah Nelson

Cri Du Chat- Genetic Transmission by Marcus Morrow

Cri Du Chat is the deletion of genetic material on the small arm of chromosome 5.

It is also autosomal dominant

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Symptoms,diagnosis and frequency by Noah Nelson


High pitch cat-like cry

Mental retardation

Delayed development

Distinctive facial features

Small head size


The diagnosis is mainly made in the hospital at birth. A docter might note the childs symptoms of the condition. The cat like cry is the most important feature in newborns and they usually classify them as Cri Du Chat if so those symptoms. They also look at the chromosome analysis to look for the deletion of the short arm in chromosome 5.

Frequency- This usually happends in a 1 : 15,000 ratio to 1 : 50,000 ratio.

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This is a rare syndrome

Life Expectancy and Treatments by Marcus Morrow

Life expectancy and treatments

A small amount of children are born with serious organ problems that are life threatening, but most individuals have a normal life expectancy.

Most fatal complications occur before their one years of age.

What are the treatments for Cri Du Chat?

The treatments (therapies) that these kids need, differ from each kid.

Some therapies they might have are-


occupational therapy

speech therapy





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Interesting facts by Alex Spurlock

  • In 80% of Cri Du Chat cases the chromosome carrying the deletion of the chromosome comes from the father's sperm rather than the mother's egg.

  • The disease becomes less noticeable as the baby gets older.

  • Cri-du-chat is French for the cry of the cat.

  • Geneticist Jerome Lejeune identified cri-du-chat (he also identified down syndrome)

  • 13% result from an error of chromosome 5 from the parent.

  • It is thought that girls receive this disease more than boys.

  • At present it is not possible to predict how severely affected the baby will be.

  • The main issues are located in band 5p 15.2.

  • Cri Du Chat is the most common syndrome cause by a chromosomal deletion.

  • It is possible to detect it with amniocentesis (chorionic villus sampling or CVS)

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Marcus Morrow, Alex Spurlock and Noah Nelson