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This week........

What's that sound?

There will be a buzz in the air over Whitt this weekend. Ok…more like a roar. :)

This Saturday, 4/9, our contractor will be utilizing a heavy lift helicopter to replace 35 HVAC units on the roof of the school. These units were damaged in the hail storm and the district wants to have them replaced before it gets to warm out. The plan is for them to be delivered via truck Friday after school ends and unloaded on the back parking lot. The helicopter is scheduled to be onsite at 8:00AM Saturday and be finished in 2-3 hours.

To ensure the safety of everyone involved the school, all parking lots and the playground (including the basketball court) will be closed from the end of school Friday until Sunday.

We will also be moving a few classrooms Friday afternoon to give them a more time to prepare for this work.

We will have Wylie ISD staff here along with the construction crew. This will be an exciting thing to watch, and you are welcome to come see it, but we ask that you please follow their instructions and stay off school grounds.

They plan to complete the work this weekend and have us back in climate controlled comfort Monday.

Thanks so much!

Mrs. Teamann

Ripples of Hope

Can you think of a time someone did something kind for you? Maybe they gave you a word of encouragement; maybe they made you laugh when you needed it most; maybe they gave you some great advice that ended up being the drop hope you needed.

That’s what being a Ripple of Hope is all about!

In Wylie ISD, April is focused on HOPE!

When you do something kind for someone, you create a ripple effect in their lives. Thank one drop of hope will cause a chain reaction of more ripples of hope which will spread to others.

Beginning on April 6, you will be able to thank that person who has been a ripple of hope in your life! Simply download your Ripple of Hope card, complete it and give it to your ripple of hope! What an incredible feeling to be able to return the kindness that was shown to you!

Let’s all be a ripple of hope for someone today!!

Parent Updates....

Popcorn Fundraiser Pick Up

Popcorn can be picked up at Whitt on Monday, April 11 from 2:30pm to 6:00pm.

Wolf Howl

We have a Wolf Howl coming up on Friday, April 22, at 7:45am.

8th Annual Whitt PTA Golf Tournament

Saturday, April 30, at Woodbridge Golf Club

It is fun with a cause and open to all.

Check out the Whitt website for more information.

How Do You Know If Your Child Is Too Sick For School?

  • Check Temperature - Students must be fever-free (without fever reducing medication) for 24 hours before returning to school. Please do not give your child Tylenol or Ibuprofen and then send him or her to school.

  • Vomited - Do not send your child to school if he/she has vomited or had diarrhea in the last 24 hours.

  • Lack of Sleep- If your child has been up half of the night ill, he/she will not be in any condition to come to school and learn. Consider allowing a day to sleep and get well.

It is our goal to find ways to keep your children safe from communicable diseases here at Whitt. By keeping your child home when they are ill, you are protecting others at school and preventing the spread of disease. We ask for your cooperation in helping us maintain a healthy environment for your child. Please remember that the number one way to prevent the spread of germs is to wash your hands!

Thanks for your help in keeping our students healthy and safe!

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Wylie Way Awards: Awesome opportunity!

The Wylie Way is all about fostering the kind of values we want to see in a future citizen tomorrow in our children today!

We want to recognize those who go above and beyond to show and grow the Wylie Way in themselves and others. Please read Dr. Vinson's blog and learn how you can nominate someone or a group for a Wylie ISD Board of Trustees Wylie Way Award.

Vinson Blog

If awarded this prestigious honor, they will be one of 6 honored at a board meeting and dinner in their honor next year.


Remember school begins at 7:30 am. We have traditionally given 1 minute of grace. Tardy slips begin promptly after that point. Make sure your students arrive before 7:30 to avoid attendance issues. Thank you so much!

As Seen In Our Halls.....

Coming up on the calendar!

April 11: Popcorn Fundraiser Pick Up 2:30pm-6:00pm

April 12:PTA General Meeting/First Grade Performance

April 15: First Grade Field Trip to Perot Museum

April 22: Wolf Howl at 7:45

April 28: Kindergarten Field Trip to the Zoo

April 30: 8th Annual Whitt Elementary PTA Golf Tournament

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