September Newsletter

Miss Heusel's Class

Welcome to 5th Grade!

Thank you to everyone who came to Back-to-School Night! It was so nice to meet everyone, and I am looking forward to a terrific year!

Dates to Remember...

September 21: PTA Meeting

September 23: School Spirit Day - Missing Summer Day

Wear your camp shirt or a place that you traveled to

September 27: PTA Fall Olympic Walk-A-Thon

Wear Red, White, and Blue, as well as sneakers

What We're Reading...

Our first class novel is the book Wonder, by R.J. Palacio. This is a great book to start the year with, because it focuses on kindness and acceptance, and sets a wonderful tone for our classroom interactions throughout the year.

Please ask your child about the book! The more they talk about their reading outside of the classroom, the stronger their understanding of the book will be. Students really open up and share their opinions in class, and it would be great for you to see them get excited about what they're reading.

Wonder is both heart-warming and witty, and we have really been enjoying it in class.

If you're interested in reading along with us, your child can show you how to access the PDF version on their Google Account, which you can save to your home computer. The book is available on Scholastic as well (though Costco is currently selling it for only $9.99).

Want to extend learning beyond the book?

When we finish this book, you can encourage your child to read Auggie and Me, by the same author. They sell the book through Scholastic Reading Club, so you can even earn our class points by ordering it!

Click here to order the book!

Our class code is MGDTP

More Good News:

This book is actually being turned into a movie set to hit theaters in April 2017! The movie will star Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson, and Jacob Tremblay.

Hooked on Books

Our first Hooked on Books report is due October 14th! Please remind your child to read at least 20 minutes each night! When they complete the book they are reading for their book report, they should be moving on to another and continuing to read every night. Thanks for your support!

Some students have asked if they can read their Hooked on Books book in class. I do allow this, because realistically, it can be confusing for some students to be reading two books at once. Of course, the report must be done entirely at home. You may find that, because students read some of their book in school, they are finishing the book sooner. This simply means they should be moving on to other books in the meantime!

September Scholastic Orders

September Scholastic orders are due September 23rd. Thank you to all of the parents who already placed an order this month!

Click here to browse for books!

Chorus Registration

Registration for the winter and spring chorus ends September 26th. Don't miss out! Visit the Lafayette Mills Website for details.


If you haven't already, don't forget to sign up for Backpack Notices so you don't miss out on any announcements or school events.

Snaps from the Classroom...

Student Login Information

See the image below for easy access to all of your child's login information. ALL of these resources are available for use at home!
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Math Notes

Since a few people have asked:

The math curriculum that your child receives this year is the same in every class. While the classes may move at different paces, the content does not change. As such, your child's current math class does not affect whether or not they qualify for enrichment, nor does it determine their placement at Pine Brook.

If you have questions about your child's math class or progress, it is best to email their math teacher directly (if it's not me!). Their email addresses are below:

Mr. Bennett:

Mr. Harvey:

Mrs. Straehle:

Mr. Wildman:

Until Next Time...

You will be receiving a newsletter from me on a monthly basis. If you know someone in our class who is not receiving them, please tell them to e-mail me!

As always, feel free to contact me at any time at

Happy September!

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