Kate: A Writer

The history of a self-conscious writer

I'm a Writer Who...

I'm a writer who loves to write but doesn't want anyone to see it. I will take ideas and write about it but will be too afraid to let anyone look at it. I am scared that whatever I write will be laughed a because it is too mature, out-of-the-box, or just plain strange. I can't make it go away. I can't help but care what people think about me. But I write because I love to do it.

A memorable Expierience

Last year I was writing a story called The Wolf Pack. It was a chapter book. It was about a girl who lived in Alaska and met a clan of magical wolves and she had to save them from a deadly sickness. I thought it was the best piece I had ever don't even though I only got around three chapters into it. I will always remember that piece.

Sixth Grade Writing Goals

  • In Sixth Grade I hope to broaden my vocabulary so my writing sounds better

  • I want to learn how to write in different perspectives so that I can make my writing more interesting to an outside audience

  • I would like to write stories in genres I haven't tried yet

  • I want to complete a teen chapter book that I am happy with

About Me

My full name is Kate Ava Zeising. I have a younger sister named Jane who is 9 years old and a younger brother named Reid who turned seven on August 31. I love to play sports. The sports I play are tennis, basketball, and I'm on a swim team. My birthday is November 22nd. I was born on Thanksgiving and my birthday is on the same day the Catching Fire movie is coming out!