4th Grade State Research Report


Would you like to know about the location of Minnesota? Canada is north of Minnesota. Iowa can be found to the south of this state. Both North Dakota and South Dakota are west of this state. Wisconsin is Minnesota's neighbor to the east. You can find Lake Superior on the northeast border as well.


The landforms of Minnesota are interesting. This state has many plains. In fact, part of the Central Plains can be found there. Minnesota has nearly 12,000 lakes. Lake Superior, one of the Great Lakes, touches the northern shores. Lake Itasca, The Red Lake, and Lake of the Woods are some other lakes you will find in Minnesota. This state also has the Mississippi River and the Minnesota River.


The climate of Minnesota is different from other states. This state has long, cold winters. The average temperature during this season is 11 degrees F and they have very heavy snowfalls. Summers in Minnesota are hot and humid with an average temperature of 74 degrees F. Sometimes they have thunderstorms and tornadoes in this state.


Resources have been very important to Minnesota. This state grows crops such as corn and soybeans. You will also find livestock such as dairy cows and hogs in this state. This state has other resources like iron ore, sand and gravel, and granite. Minnesota has manufacturing and services such as computers and office machinery and financial services and banking.

Fun Facts

  • Capital: St. Paul
  • Nicknames: The North Star State and Land of 10,000 Lakes
  • State bird: Common Loon
  • State Flower: Pink & White Lady's Slipper