Fra Filippo Lippi

A Renaissance Artist

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Born In 1406 in Florence, Italy. Fra spent most of his life in Italy and he learned and worked off of arts by the great Masaccio. His lifestyle was very dull and became very poor after chasing many women buying everything they wanted and losing his money. Fra Filippo Lippi was an artist of paintings some of his works are The Funeral of St. Jerome, Madonna and Child, and Seven Saints.

The funny thing about his patron is what happened. What happened was Fra had left the city because he wanted to "pursue his own interests" but really his patron Cosimo was having him arrested so he bailed.

The Work

The picture below is called The Funeral of Saint Jerome. It was created in 1440 by Fra Filippo Lippi, and you can find it in a museum in Italy by the name of Museum of the Opera del Duomo.

The reason why I liked this piece so much is because it showed the people's sad and depressed feelings because of the death of St. Jerome. It just captured the humanism perfectly focusing on the emotion of it all and all the details of what a funeral would be like. It was a great painting because it showed that he studied other famous artists and incorporated their work into his own. His work reflected humanism mostly because he focused on the emotion of the people he would be drawing and not so much on the theme or story behind the painting.

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