Fur seal

By jess

What does the fur seal look like

The fur seal is one of the smallest seals and are closely related to Sea lions because they are able to walk on all fours.

They have teeth, whiskers and thick fur.They don't have layers of fat like other seals they rely on their thick fur to keep warm.

What does the fur seal eat

The fur seal that Live in Heard Island and Macquarie Island mainly feed on fish and squid.

when does the fur seal breed

The fur seal pups are born in Late November and early January and they have their mothers milk for about four months.

How many Pups where born at herd island in 1992?

At Herd island in 1992 there were 250 pup born and By March The adult males And juveniles increased the numbers of fur seals up to over 21 000 Fur seals.

How much do fur seals weigh?

Adult males can grow up to 200kilos and the Adult females weigh up to 40kilos.the pups weigh up to 3 to 7 kilos At birth and are usually a pale blond
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what are their names?

The females are the cows and that means that the males are bulls