The Harlem Renaissance

Art Work : Jacob Lawrence

Migration series

This interesting picture is showing black african american migrating to the upper north part of the country.

Why is their artwork important?

Jacob artwork was important because he referred to his style as dynamic cubism

Marcus Garvey

He found the universal Negro Improvement Association

philosophy - directed the largest mass- based movement among African Americans in the history of the United States.

Relationship with W.E.B Dubois - approached the civil rights movement of their time with almost perfectly opposing strategies.

W.E.B DuBois

Role in the Harlem Renaissance - was a composer of Harlem Classic Renaissance.

Major organization he helped to find - NAACP

Magazine he was the editor for: Miles stones Crisis magazine

out look on African American during this time- in the process of ending racial segregation


~ James Weldon Johnson

~Lift every voice

~ a song him and his brother made together


~ Bessie Smith

~downhearted blues

~ young woman blues

~ she is singing the blues about young ladies lifes

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