The Hive in Room 5

Here's the buzz...


This week we read Crabby Cat's Shopping by Joy Cowley. We learned:

  • what makes a book a favorite book
  • the short a sound
  • how to take care of books
  • how to store books in our book boxes
  • to identify opposites
  • how to chorally read
  • how to put books away in our classroom library
  • how to think sequentially (first, next, last)
  • how to take care of a damaged book

Daily 5

The hive in room 5 is buzzing about Read to Self. We are working to build stamina...our reading muscles! We are up to reading 8 minutes uninterrupted. That's quite an accomplishment for the second week of first grade! We also learned how to Read to Someone. Ask your child what it means to sit EEKK style and how to check to see if your voice is vibrating.

Word Wall Words

We spent this week reviewing the 40 word wall words we learned in CB Kindergarten. We learned the first grade word wall chant, used the pointer and read the words, and played 3 clues this week.


We are spending time practicing the correct formation of upper and lower case letters in first grade. This week, we also completed our baseline portfolio writing piece and our fall baseline Language Arts grammar assessment.

Social Studies

We are working in our first social studies unit called How Do We Get Along in School? In this unit, we are learning that we need to talk, listen, share, and take turns in order to get along.


In math, we completed our fall portfolio computation and problem solving tasks this week. You will see them at portfolio conferences in the spring. We also put our coins, dry erase markers, and socks in our math tool kits. Everyone got their math journal and we reviewed writing numbers 1 and 2. We also played Monster Squeeze and the Penny Dice Game and explored with our math pattern block templates.

Smocks and Sketchbooks

This is just a reminder to send in a smock and sketchbook for art if you haven't already.