Mr. Sterling's 5th Grade Newsletter

Week of April 4th

What's Happening

Report Cards

Report cards have been sent home. Please sign the envelopes and have your students return them to school this week. Thank you!

Authors Night

Our students Treasures stories are displayed at Viewpoint Books. The Viewpoint staff have read the top ten books from 5th and 6th grade and have picked winners from each classroom. They will be recognizing the winners at our Author's Night, this Wednesday, April 6th, from 5:30-6:30. We would like the winners to be present the night of the 6th; however, everyone is welcome to come. Please join us! Our students will be reading their books to our guests.

States Research Project

Each student has selected a state on which they will conduct research and create a final product over the next 7 weeks. The due date for the final product will be Friday, May 13th.

ISTEP - Part 2

We will be taking ISTEP - Part 2 in the mornings on the following dates. Please plan doctor's appointments around these times.

April 19-21st

April 26th-28th

Band Sign Up

Fifth grade students may sign up to play an instrument in band on Monday, May 2nd. The times will be announced at a later date. Did you know that studies have shown that playing an instrument improves math scores? Please consider this opportunity for your child. On Friday, April 22nd, Mr. Brookshire will be visiting with our 5th graders.

Literacy Fair

The annual Bartholomew Reads Literacy Fair will take place on Saturday, May 14th from 12:00-3:00. Our 5th grade students will be creating a booth for the event. The project managers for this event will coordinate student volunteers to help prepare for the event and manage the booth. Please keep May 14th open on your calendars because we will need your help! Our goal is to encourage literacy within our community. This is a free event! If you haven’t attended in the past, please join us this year.

What we will cover this week

  • Math: Powers of 10; Expanded Notation; Order of Operations; Fraction Review
  • ELA: Pronouns; Proverbs and Adages; Author's Point of View; Drama/Play
  • Social Studies: State Research; Colonial America

Passport to Reading: 4th Quarter Product and Presentation

Please also ask your child how they are coming along with filling in their Passport book. They should have a total of sixteen boxes filled in at the end of this fourth quarter. The books should be in the correct genre box. The percentage of the books completed counts as a quiz grade in Reading. They also need to make sure they are taking their AR quizzes in order to meet their quarterly goal. Final passport products are due Friday, May 6th.

Passport to Reading 3rd Quarter Final Product Examples

Book Club

Students will select their books for the 4th Quarter Book Club this week. Each group will have a reading schedule that members must follow to ensure they finish the book on time. Please touch base with your child every week to make sure they are reading the proper amount of pages.

Upcoming Assessments

  • Weekly Wonders Test: Friday, Apr. 8th
  • Spelling / Vocabulary Quiz: Friday, Apr. 8th
  • Grammar Quiz: Friday, Apr. 8th
  • Unit 7 Math Quiz: Tuesday, Apr. 5th