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Homecoming Court

Congratulations to the 2021 Van Meter Homecoming Court. These 10 will be following the Yellow Brick Road to Coronation on Sunday, September 26th at 4:00PM at the Van Meter Football Field.

Kaylie G., Zoie V., Chaney C., Maleah D., Shae B.
Dalten V., Joey J., Dustin B., Casey T., Lincoln O.
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Homecoming Week

Homecoming activities will take place at the football/track stadium and will start on Sunday, September 26 (weather pending) as follows:

3:00 p.m. Homecoming Parade (route will be shared)

4:00 p.m. Coronation

4:30 p.m. Ice Cream Social

5:00 p.m. Grudge Match

6:00 p.m. Powder Puff Football

(The schedule is subject to change if needed)

Dress-up Days for both the secondary and elementary students are below.

Van Meter will host Nodaway Valley at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, October 1.

The MS Homecoming Dance is scheduled for Saturday, October 2 from 6:00-7:30 p.m with the HS Homecoming Dance to follow from 8:00-10:00 p.m. Both dances will take place in the East Dining Hall.

Homecoming Reminder- please discuss this with your children


Homecoming Week is next week in Van Meter. It takes everyone's support and assistance in

helping our youth understand and focus on the reason for Homecoming -honoring our school,

celebrating our accomplishments, and welcoming our past graduates home.

As we look to return to a somewhat normal Van Meter Homecoming, please be aware that the school and community do not support students involved in activities such as trespassing, toilet papering, egging and other activities unbecoming of a law abiding citizen. Students involved in these activities run the risk of consequences related to violations of the law, Code of Conduct, loss of Homecoming activities, and the VMCSD disciplinary matrix. These can result in loss of privileges, suspension, and/or criminal charges filed (fines, community service, detention, suspension.) In addition, there will be no loitering on school grounds after hours.

Thank you for discussing this with your child/children and helping us celebrate Van Meter

Schools in a manner in which we can all be proud to be a Bulldog! We are committed to making

Homecoming 2021 a memorable and enjoyable experience for all.

Secondary Homecoming Dress-Up Days

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Elementary Homecoming Dress-Up Days

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Home Games- Please Read

At this time, we don't be having any restrictions on attending home events. Students in grades PK-6th need to be with their parents at the games. They should not be running around unattended. This makes the game experience less enjoyable for those around them. Be sure to keep an eye on your children. Thanks for your help in making it a great experience for all who attend!

Game tickets need to be purchased through this link. This link is for any game at any level and can be found at vmbulldogs.com. All spectators will need a ticket for the game unless they have a pass. Cost is $5 per person for varsity events and $3 per person for all lower-level games. If you have questions, email Shonna at shonna.trudo@vmbulldogs.com.

If you'd rather not purchase tickets for each game, be sure to buy an activity pass for yourself or your family. Activity passes are good for all home events except state-sponsored tournament games hosted by Van Meter. We will have hundreds of games at home this year, so activity passes are really a good deal.

Family Pass (good for school-aged children and parents)- $300

Single Adult Pass- $150

Student Pass- $75

Senior Citizen Pass (65 years old and up)- $25

Contact the office if you have any questions.

School Board Candidates

Van Meter CSD will have 3 seats open for the school board election this fall. Two incumbent candidates, Jess Drake and John Gilliland are seeking re-election, while Mark Smith has decided not to run for a third term. We appreciate Mark's time on the board and all he has helped the district accomplish over the last 8 years.

We have 6 other candidates besides our incumbents who are seeking a seat on the school board. Nominees for the school board are:

  • Jess Drake (incumbent)
  • John Gilliland (incumbent)
  • Jennifer Bruins
  • Joe Day
  • Jesse Lindsey
  • Sarah Moore
  • Joshua Swalla
  • Nick Williams

The election for the four-year term is Tuesday, November 2. The VMEPC has agreed to hold a public forum later this fall. We will also get information out next week about each candidate. We are encouraged that so many people are interested in being a part of our team. Be looking for more information soon.

We asked the candidates to briefly respond to the following questions:


How long have you lived in the school district?

In what school or district activities have you been involved?

What motivates you to want to become a board member?

Role of a Board Member

What do you believe are the most important characteristics of an effective school board? Of an effective school board member?

An individual school board member has no authority; only the board as a whole can make decisions for the district. What skills or traits will allow you to contribute to effective operations of the board as a whole?

Van Meter Specific Issues

What should our district be doing to address the challenges of increasing enrollment?

If elected, what would you hope would be key accomplishments of the board during your years of service?

Their responses will be shared in next week's Bulldog Brief on Friday, October 1. We look forward to learning more about each candidate over the next few weeks. Once a date for the VMEPC forum is established, we will get that information out to you.

COVID Attendance Report

As you may recall, we reported out the total number of positive COVID-19 cases and the total numbers of students/staff gone due to quarantine or isolation every Friday of the 20-21 school year. The IDPH will no longer be contact tracing nor will the Dallas County Health Department be regularly notifying the district of positive cases. Because we have less authority to have students quarantine due to exposure to someone who tested positive for COVID-19, that report doesn't seem to work as well this year.

So, for the 21-22 school year, our plan is to just do a comparison to the known number of students/staff gone due to COVID-19 positive tests, or known quarantines. We will report out the total number of students/staff gone for all non-COVID-19 related illnesses as well. We will also report the known total number of active COVID-19 positives. Students/staff must isolate for 10 days when testing positive for COVID-19. As of Friday, September 24, we have 5 known positive student/staff case of COVID-19. At the end of week five in 2020-21, we had 0 known COVID-19 cases. Though we have no true authority to require someone to quarantine as that responsibility is with the families, we do feel this will give people some information to make decisions that are best for their families in each of their respective situations.

If you aren't sure when to quarantine or isolate, please review the flowchart below for both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.

The data for the first few weeks of school will be skewed a bit because quarantine rules changed to when both individuals were wearing a mask, students did not need to quarantine whereas early in the year if students were exposed, they had to quarantine for 14 days whether they had masks on or not. Though the information is all dependent on what families decide to do in regard to quarantine for this year, it is a true comparison of known absences each day of the year for both the 20-21 school year and the 21-22 school year.

As a reminder, if a student/staff member tests positive for COVID-19, they should remain home for 10 days. If a student/staff member has a known exposure to someone with COVID-19 and they haven't been vaccinated, they should quarantine for 14 days, or a minimum of 10 days with no symptoms unless they have a negative test result and quarantine can be shortened to 7 days. More information on when to quarantine or isolate can be found here. If at any point an individual is sick, please stay home until symptoms have subsided.

Please let us know if the data is helpful or if other information would be more useful. Also, there is a PDF with an FAQ from the IDPH and IDOE below the COVID data and flowchart on when to isolate or quarantine.

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COVID-19 Mitigation

On August 5, the DE and IDPH released this guidance for schools in relation to COVID-19.

In May, the IDPH released this guidance for Iowa schools in regards to COVID-19.

We will continue to use the guidance of the Dallas County Health Department, IDPH, and CDC. Masks should be worn on buses according to federal guidelines, but we are waiting to see what happens in the appeal from the state in regards to masks. With that said, we are not expecting students or staff to wear masks while at school, unless they choose to wear one. However, we do expect students to stay home when sick, if they have tested positive for COVID-19, or if they have been exposed to someone with COVID-19.If cases increase dramatically, or if we have over 10% of our students/staff absent for consecutive days, we may require masks for a period of time when social distancing isn't possible.

Please continue to do your part to keep others safe. More information can be found in the attached IDPH document below.

Return to Learn Plan

Linked is our Return to Learn Plan for the 21-22 school year as of Friday, September 17. Of course, things could change, but as of today, these are our plans. If you have any questions contact Mr. Tibbetts, Mr. Lamoureux, or Mr. Durflinger.




Get Involved

We have four organizations that do a great job of supporting Van Meter Schools. They are always looking for members. Be sure to reach out to them if you are interested in helping out.

Van Meter Education Foundation- Contact Lawrence Yazzie at law.yaz@icloud.com

Van Meter Elementary Parent Committee Contact Amy Giesking at amy.giesking@gmail.com

Van Meter Performing Arts Boosters Contact Kris Koster at kris.koster@vmbulldogs.com

Van Meter Athletic Boosters Contact Wendy Kelly at vmathleticboosters@gmail.com

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Athletic Website and Schedules